2018 Russia World Cup team bonuses exposure, Spain’s latest football team lineup prize of 825,000 euros

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There is also a Russian World Cup starting in 2018, which is less than a week short. Countries have set up high bonuses for their national teams to win championships. Currently announced three major championships in Brazil, Spain, and Germany announced the bonus program. "Marca" revealed that the Spanish Football Association for the Spanish national team won the World Cup championship prize, if you can win the championship, each player will be rewarded 82.5 million euros.

In fact, setting up a championship prize for the team is a common practice for most teams to set up the World Cup. It is understood that the Spanish Football Association has always had such a reward. In 2010, when the Spanish team won the World Cup, each player received a prize of 600,000 Euros. In the 2014 World Cup, the Spanish Football Association won a championship prize of 720,000 Euros, but the Spanish team folded in the group stage and the prize money could not be activated.

"Marca" disclosed that on June 7th, the Spanish team set off for Russia, on the eve of the team's farewell party, the Spanish Football Association president Lubiales made a commitment to the players if the Spanish team won the 2018 World Cup. Each player will receive 82.5 million euros. However, in the report of COPE Radio, the prize money was 88.4 million euros per person.

2018 Russia World Cup team bonuses exposure, Spain's latest football team lineup prize of 825,000 euros

Not only Spain, but most countries have set up generous bonuses for their teams. If you view website, the bonus plans announced by Brazil and Germany:

Germany wins the lowest prize, with €411,000 per person

Brazil's huge bonus of $1 million per person

At this time, the bonus details are of course the incentives of the national football associations. In addition, the following are the results of the previous World Cup wins since 2000:

The 17th 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup

For the first time in the history of the World Cup, the two countries jointly organized the event. The current round of the Cup was frequented by weak wins and strong ones. Several popular teams won the championship in the group stage. The German team was beaten by the supernova Klose and Kahn and Barak made it through to the finals without being optimistic. The finals fell to the Brazilian team led by "3R" and led the stars. At the foot of the team, Brazil won the World Cup for the fifth time.

18th World Cup 2006 Germany

The Cup is very important for the defensive overall technical and tactical content, the four are all European teams. German host Klose’s brave prowess reached the semifinals. Unfortunately, he lost Italy at the last minute of the overtime in the semi-finals, but the offensive football displayed has conquered countless fans around the world. In the finals, Zidane hit Italy's defender Materazzi in overtime and was given a red card and shocked the world.