2018 Russian World Cup live broadcast, media predicts 11 starting in Germany

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The German men's soccer team has announced the list of 23 people who participated in the World Cup. Although Sain was defeated, the German team still has talent. For the German coach Luv, how to determine the starting 11 of the World Cup is a difficult problem. The German authoritative media "Pictures" analyzed the situation of personnel in each position in Germany, and predicted that Germany's starting 11 people in the World Cup. The anticipation can always be exhilarating as it'd push one off of the cliff of suspence, come time for the matches. Handy TV listings would come to your aid to contain your excitement and make you ready for a great time ahead.

For coach Loews, how to determine the start of the World Cup 11 is a problem

In the goalkeeper's position, Neuer will return to injury will be the first goalkeeper, Loew also expressed his position, as long as Neuer participated in the World Cup, then he is certainly the number one goalkeeper. Barcelona's Telstegen will be the top goalkeeper of the German team, and Paris goalkeeper Trapp is the third goalkeeper, and his probability of playing is very low.

In the right-back position, the main force of the German team will be Kimihi. This defender is very good at Bayern and is one of the best knife guards in Europe. Although he is only 23 years old, Kimihi Already seen as the future leader of Germany, his replacement will be Günter.

In the central defender position, the starting partner of the German team will be Bayern's Boateng and Hummels, which will also replicate Bayern's center-back combination. However, Boateng's current injury has not yet fully recovered. Once he can not play, then Poly will be the number one substitute for Boateng. On the line of the defending line, the German team has a good staff reserve. If Loew is to transform the three-back center, then he can also choose to include Chelsea's Ludig. In the left-back position, the German team's first meeting will be Hector, and the substitute player will be Platenhardt.

2018 Russian World Cup live broadcast, media predicts 11 starting in Germany

In the position of the lower back, the two players that will occupy the main force will be Real Madrid's Tony Kroos and Juventus's Khedira. Both of them are well-armed and have rich experience both in the club and in the national team. If he can't play, then Rudy will be his substitute, and once Khedira can't play, Gundogan can become a substitute.

Draxler will compete with Royce on the left wing

The German "Pictures" pointed out that in the position of the left wing, the German team is fiercely competitive. The strengths of Draxler and Royce are good. Among them, the advantage of Djokovic is the long-term appearance for Germany and the captain. Identity led Germany to win the Confederations Cup. Royce is in excellent shape right now. He has a chance to compete for a healthy start, and Royce’s explosive firepower is also well known. He can help Germany.

In the middle of the midfield, Ozil is the number one choice in the starting game, but this midfielder who plays for Arsenal is not good at defense. If Loew wants the lineup to be more aggressive, Gretzka will be the choice. Right position of the right wing, Thomas - Muller is doing his decisive start, in the South African World Cup and Brazil World Cup, Muller scored 10 goals, his position in the national team can not be shaken, if Muller can not play, Loew will enable Bran special.

In the forward line, Werner will be the main force of Germany, and he also proved himself in the United Cup, in addition, the German veteran Gomez will be another choice for Loew, his experience is also the wealth of Germany.

Attached to the German team's forecast starter:

Germany (4231): Neuer; Kimesh, Boateng, Hummels, Hector; Cross, Khedira; Roize (or Draxler), Ozil, Thomas - Muller; Werner