2018 World Cup in Russia: Iran beat Spain Portugal to win first place

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The contest between Spain and Portugal was ups and downs, with a 3-3 handshake and reconciliation. Ronaldo's hat-trick made people scream. But as a result of this game, another winner emerged. It was Persian who rode the Iranian team. After the first round, Iran won the lead by beating Morocco and helping the Iranian team get the team's top name. It was actually an own goal, which made people feel a bit ridiculous.

C Ronaldo’s performance in this battle can be called

In the contest of Group B, because of the strengths of Spain and Portugal, it also made the Iranian team generally look bad, and was seen as a squatting team that scored two points and scored a goal. On the odds before the game, the Iranian team also stayed at the bottom of the group. In the face of public opinion in Spain and Portugal, even in the face of Morocco, few people are optimistic about Iran.

In fact, when the game was just opened, the Iranian team was indeed beaten by the Moroccan team and the team was passively beaten. After coming in, although Azmen, who is known as "Israel Messi," had two great chances, he would have to score goals one by one. In the second half of the game, the Iranian team simply shot 0 shots. Throughout the game, the Iranian team's passive situation is very clear.

2018 World Cup in Russia: Iran beat Spain Portugal to win first place

Morocco's own goal to send Iranian gift

When this gloomy battle, heading towards the 0-0 direction, the Iranian team scored an Oolong goal with their opponent before the final game and was lucky to win the match 1-0. This is the first victory the Asian team has won in this World Cup, and it also ended the Asian team's 16 games in the World Cup. When the Saudi team was humiliated by the hosts Russia with a score of 0-5 in the opener, people once worried that the Asian team would once again fall into the void of the 2014 World Cup. However, Iran came forward in a timely manner and succeeded in qualifying for the Asian team.

Followed by the Iberian peninsula Derby between Spain and Portugal, exciting passionate! C Ronaldo's hat tricks, the magical performance of "Flourishing Beauty", and the exquisite transmission and control techniques of Spain all make people scream. This wonderful match took a 3-3 handshake and this put the Iranian team in the top spot of the group.

Although being in the lead of the group does not mean that Iran has become a hot spot. After all, the team must face strong Spain and Portugal. The strength of the two teams should be significantly higher than the Iranian team. However, after all, this made people see the Iranian team's hope. If Iran continues its excellent and tough defense and tenacious fighting spirit, it is not impossible to score points in Spain and Portugal.

Excellent defense is the foundation of Iran. When the team preliminaries in the world, it is the best defensive team in Asia. In the first round of the World Cup, Iran also used excellent defense, lived and crushed Morocco, and won with its own goal. The group leader, this is a fresh feeling that Iran has never experienced before. The outstanding performance of the Iranian team is also to inspire the next Asian teams such as Japan, South Korea and Australia. Who will say that all Asian teams are fish? The Iranian leader did not agree.