2018 World Cup live, Moroccan coach: will focus on Spain and Portugal

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After the striker Buhaduz unfortunately topped the ball into the goal and caused the team to lose, Morocco coach Renal felt extremely sorry for losing 0:1 to Iran. He said that he can only focus on playing with Portugal. Competition with Spain to spell out the vitality in the B group.

The French coach said after the game: "Of course, the results are very disappointing, because even in a draw, I will be disappointed, so everyone can know what it means to lose in this way. We have created too many opportunities But I couldn't hold it. Congratulations to the Iranian team. We must forget to lose and concentrate on preparing for the next game."

The Moroccan team's data in this field is all-encompassing, and both the possession rate and passing success rate are significantly ahead of the Iranian team. However, in offensive efficiency, Renard admitted that the team still needs to work hard.

2018 World Cup live, Moroccan coach: will focus on Spain and Portugal

He said: "We took control of the game in the first 20 minutes, and it was almost impossible for Iran to lose half the game. At that stage, we should score goals. We can only blame ourselves. I also have to take responsibility as a coach. In the next game, we will continue to do a good job in this aspect of the game and at the same time improve where it is not perfect."

The best player in this field was named Moretti's winger Harriet, not the Iranian player who won the match. This also reflects the Moroccan team's overall better performance. The forward who played for Schalke 04 was also very frustrated with losing at the last moment. He said: "We did create a lot of opportunities. We should do better in grasping the opportunities. I would rather not be rated as the best player in the game and win a victory for the team. Next we will have a very hard time. In the two games, we will be ready for battle."


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