3 million EU people living in the United Kingdom, Theresa May: breixt can still apply for “permanent residence”

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British Prime Minister Theresa May 22 June meeting with EU leaders to promise that after the British take off, EU citizens can stay in the UK and live for more than five years and apply for the same right of permanent residence as British citizenship.

Theresa May led the British Conservative Party in the House of Commons election defeat, with the impasse of Congress and the emergence of a coalition government, Theresa May in the European issue on the remaining considerations, for example, must analyze the "hard off Europe" (leaving a single market And the customs union), "soft off the euro" (to enjoy the relevant benefits of the EU), and "the cliffs fall off Europe" (Britain and the European Union did not reach any agreement, the British directly left the EU) risks.

There are about 3 million European citizens living in the UK who are concerned about the right of abode, the right to work and the associated benefits will be affected by the relationship between Europe and Europe, such as deportation, work visa failure, etc. In addition, British citizenship in the United Kingdom "and" British citizenship in the EU countries ".

Theresa May said the British government would confer more guarantees on citizenship that EU citizens would not be forced to leave the country because of Britain's disengagement and that the citizens who lived for five years would have settled status, residence, and work Medical, education, pension and other related benefits, with the British citizens no different rights.

3 million EU people living in the United Kingdom, Theresa May: breixt can still apply for

British Prime Minister Theresa May addresses a news conference at the EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, June 23, 2017. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

▲ British Prime Minister Theresa May


But the European citizens must be in the "term" to live in the United Kingdom to count. Theresa May pointed out that from March 29, 2017, the United Kingdom submitted the European notice to the European Council President Donald Tusk, until March 30, 2019, the British officially from the EU, the EU citizens in this 2-year "grace period" Britain is eligible to apply for "settling status", and she also hopes that living in the EU countries, 1.3 million British citizens can get the same protection.

Bilateral civil welfare is one of the priority issues negotiated between the UK and the EU, and other topics such as the UK's demolition costs and the Northern Ireland border. In this regard, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, Theresa May proposed the plan is a good start, but also worthy of recognition, but the British off the European post still have a lot of issues to be addressed, the other 27 EU member states will be prepared, The future.

Theresa May responded that the British position was to prudently propose a fair and serious plan to allow the EU citizens living in the UK to get the utmost certainty so that people could develop their careers in the UK. It is understood that the British government will be on June 26 to provide a more complete plan content.