4 of young people in Pennsylvania were murdered by the murderer Cosmo DiNardo

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4 of young people in Pennsylvania have been missing at the same time, causing concern across the United States, where the former arrested suspect Cosmo DiNardo has admitted killing 4 people and burying them in their own farms. And the police did find a human carcass on a farm, confirming that one of the missing persons was being investigated and continuing to investigate the relationship between the deceased and the murderer and the motive of the crime.


4 of young people living in Bucks County were collectively missing, aged about 19-22, and the 20-year-old farmer's son, Cosmo DiNardo7, admitted that he had killed 4 people on 13th and provided a place to hide his body, and he said "I am sorry" when he walked out of court. Paul Lang, his lawyer, said that Cosmo DiNardo pleaded guilty in court and provided search information by Ron the death penalty.
4 of young people in Pennsylvania were murdered by the murderer Cosmo DiNardo

This combination of undated photos provided by the Bucks County District Attorney's Office shows four men who went missing last week: Tom Meo, top left; Jimi Tar Patrick, bottom left; Dean Finocchiaro, top right; and Mark Sturgis, bottom right. Cosmo DiNardo, a 20-year-old linked to a Pennsylvania farm at the center of a search for the four missing men, was arrested Wednesday, July 12, 2017, on charges he tried to sell one man's car after he went missing, authorities said in announcing the first big break in the case. (Bucks County District Attorney's Office via AP)

4 of young people in Pennsylvania were murdered by the murderer Cosmo DiNardo

A law enforcement official escorts Cosmo DiNardo to a vehicle Thursday, July 13, 2017, in Doylestown, Pa. Lawyer Paul Lang, a defense attorney for DiNardo, said Thursday that his client has admitted killing the four men who went missing last week and told authorities the location of the bodies. Lang says prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table in return for DiNardo's cooperation. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

U.S. man kills 4 young men. Cosmo DiNardo murdered 4 of them. (Photo/AP)


The farmer's son, Cosmo DiNardo, had a previous record of possessing guns and ammunition. On July 12, as a result of an attempt to sell a of the victims, the police noticed that on the same day the authorities went to a large farm owned by his family and the Bucks County Prosecutor, Matthew Weintraub, had previously identified "important evidence", but could not be said to reveal that it was found to be a human corpse. The dogs were able to smell the poor boys from 3 meters away.


A neighbour living near the farm said the murder had left residents very nervous and frightened, and we could only convince ourselves that such a terrible thing would not happen to the children, "we are very sad and angry, how can such a bad person." The motives and details of the current Cosmo DiNardo killings were unclear, and the police only found him and a of the victims in the same male high school.