African Malawi black college student birthday drunk staged “3p” war

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As a girl on the outside do not drink, if you drink outside really have to be careful, if you have to drink, it should drink a little, we must know how to protect themselves, to reduce the investigation, sexual abuse The African country Malawi recently crazy pass a man and woman carnival, the two men and a woman hot in the grass 3P playing field, so that the crowd watching the straight shook his head, but in fact the woman was two men picked up after the invasion of sexual assault.

African Malawi black college student birthday drunk staged

So the question is coming, the African country Malawi black female college students who picked up the photo? Why do photographers take pictures? And do not choose to save black female college students or alarm?

According to the British media BBC reported that in the photo of two men and a woman is a college student, the day happens to be black female college students birthday, male students bought a wine to celebrate addiction, did not think we suspected drunk, actually in the central bank behind the wild grass On the show "live spring palace", what position to even play 3P war.

But in fact the black female college students are drunk was picked up, so that two male students can take advantage of sexual abuse, and the day the female students also menstrual cramps, grass seems to have left some menstrual blood, two male students behavior Heinous At present, one of the male students Shadreck Majamanda has been arrested, while another black college student is still fleeing.

African Malawi black college student birthday drunk staged

Malawi central bank grass staged "3P live spring palace" photo, female big students were found dead body invasion (face of malawi)

African country Malawi recently circulated a group of photos, the photo there are three black students, the three young men and women originally just drink with a carnival, but did not expect drunk after playing wild cannon, directly on the live spring palace, indecent photos Up quite passionate, causing Facebook and other social networking sites concerned.

According to the "Nyasa Times" website reported that the three young men and women are college students, in the day of drinking is the female students birthday, a male classmate to buy some drinks to celebrate, drinking and drinking in a large crowd "open" , Three people directly outside the wild cannon, play 3P, photos in a variety of posture have, and the whole are not wearing a set, so really okay?


Malawi black female students suspected drunk unconscious, was two black male students took the opportunity to sexual assault, staged two men and a woman war.

However, "Nyasa Times" report also pointed out that the black female college students seem to be drunk, she did not want to make love with the students mean, is the two male students "pick up", sexual assault succeed. Black female college students also menstrual tide, there are some blood left on the ground, the taste is too heavy it. Grass aside some of the blood, will not be the first drop of blood? The problem is serious!

The Malawi authorities have arrested one of the male students, Shadreck Majamanda, but another male student is still fleeing, and the police are still investigating the possibility of two male sexual invasions.

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