AlphaGo 3:0 defeated ke jie, the third inning of ke jie

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Kojie's last battle with AlphaGo today. At this point, ke jie and AlphaGo have fought three games of chess, and ended up with the result of a complete defeat. The third game, AlphaGo, went black. The game was supposed to be kosher's black, but he had heard that AlphaGo had a higher chance of being white. However, the white-faced cojie first encountered AlphaGo's problems. In the first 12 hands, both of them were in the middle of the line, but at the 13th, AlphaGo suddenly stepped out of the bizarre step, which led to the long exam.

Then, you came to me, and ke jie made an active request for change in the law. By the time the match was held for 44 minutes, kosher was again in the long exam. AlphaGo's approach today appears to be less routine. Ke clean face to the board, first very helpless shake head to smile a moment, then begin to pull head, the chin, beep.

The comparison went on for an hour, and he went on to explain the game, and he came up and said, "from the current 33 positions, black has won."

At the beginning of the game, the game is over. But after two games, kojie has some understanding of AlphaGo. It was a small game, but he wanted to bring the game to the whole game.

Because in the second game, ke saw the hope of winning in the fight against AlphaGo. Mr Nie also said that AlphaGo was missing in the second big game. If kojie is more stable, there is a chance of winning.

However, AlphaGo didn't give her another opportunity today. Although kojie has been fighting for it, the rhythm of the game has been in the hands of AlphaGo, which has always been passive.

By the time he got to his 63rd hand, the interior players were pessimistic and thought the situation was clear.

When the game lasted nearly three hours, yu bin, the national team coach who was the commentator, also said that, at the end of the day, there was no hope for white. Kojie can only hope that AlphaGo has made a mistake, but for AlphaGo, this is hard to come by.AlphaGo 3:0 defeated ke jie, the third inning of ke jie

In the end, kojie was defeated, and AlphaGo won.

The result of a three-game loss was not a surprise, but it was a pity that coljie didn't play the second game in the game, which was a fierce fight against AlphaGo.

The game has been so far that AlphaGo's super strength in go is undeniable. Its emergence has given people a fresh sense of the thousands of years of go. But our focus on AlphaGo is not here. We want to look and understand AlphaGo to look forward to the coming AI. So that when the new age comes, we can face it more easily.

Here's a look at the first two games of the game against AlphaGo:

The first inning

1-0. AlphaGo beat cojie to win the first game of the man-machine war

Colgate and AlphaGo: it's like "go god"

The second inning

At 2:0, cojie loses, AlphaGo wins the second game