American girl Savannah Leckie missing 30 days, the body was burned at home by mother dissolved?

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Savannah Leckie, a 16-year-old girl in Missouri, was found missing on July 20, and the police searched for the farm of Savannah Leckie's mother, who found some incinerated and corroded human bones at home, including the spine and fingers, Belong to missing girl. Police suspect Savannah Leckie's mother has a major suspicion and has detained her.

Savannah Leckie had been living with a couple in Minnesota when he was born, and Savannah Leckie had been living with his mother until she had a new boyfriend last year. Savannah Leckie moved back to Missouri to get married. , With her mother Rebecca Ruud and her boyfriend live in an area of ​​81 acres of farm.

Rebecca Ruud on July 20 reported that her daughter was missing, the police home search, but found in the farm to burn a corpse of the body, to find some human bone and teeth, in addition to find meat grinder, 26 bottles of alkali can be Used to accelerate the destruction of the body of the tool, so suspected Rude involved a major suspicion. The remains of the autopsy were released on August 21, confirming that the deceased was missing girl Savannah Leckie.


The use of so many tools and chemical reagents, can not completely get the corpses, and this case shows that the body is really difficult to completely disappear, in fact, the world really no "corpse of water".


Each country has their own city crime legend, the Americans seem to have offended the mafia will be placed in the iron bucket dissolved in the bones of the city legend. So is this really corpse in the world? Let's see how science looks at corpses:

The American Society for Criminal Identification officially announced that it was rumors that human bodies were not so fast or so thoroughly melted, even if they were used chemicals.

The results of the experiment on the pig show that the offender claimed that in just a few minutes the victim's body could be completely dissolved, in fact, overly bragging.

Sicilian mafia insiders claim that sulfuric acid can dissolve corpses in just a few minutes, but a new study points out that this is not the case. The study was published at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminal Awareness at the annual meeting in 2012, and the study was true about the test of the murder of the mafia lupara bianca. Lupara bianca refers to the murder of the victim who knows that the victim has died, but the body has disappeared

American girl Savannah Leckie missing 30 days, the body was burned at home by mother dissolved?

The American Society for Criminal Identification's study was conducted with a local cadaver of pigs because pigs were thought to be able to replace the human body in the experiment. The results of the American Society for Criminal Identification have shown that it takes several days to dissolve animal meat with sulfuric acid. In the sulfuric acid add water, can speed up the dissolution rate, you can melt within 12 hours of muscle and cartilage, in two days to the bones into powder, so with sulfuric acid can really corrupt the corrupt to an unrecognizable level.

Professor Massimo Grillo of the University of Palermo in Italy, co-chair of the study, said: "But the acid is still impossible to destroy the body completely."

Filippo Cascino, another research host at the University of Palermo, said the Italian police found several strong acid troughs at the Pala de Mallorca's hiding place, which was known as the "dead room", allegedly in the early 1980s , Then the underworld leader Filippo Marchese will torture the victims and throw them into the strong acid to dissolve.

The researchers said that some line people described the way to deal with the body, saying, "We put those people into a strong acid, fifteen to twenty minutes after they disappeared, into a liquid.

But according to the findings of the American Society for Criminal Identification, the time concept of these mafia family members may not be as powerful as their murder.

But Michael Heninger, a deputy forensic officer at Fulton County in Georgia, commented on the murder of the Palermo: "These mafia are still smarter than some of the Georgian criminals; everyone thinks that criminals should be corpses, but there are some murderers who deal with corpses But they can help keep the body, and these mafia members are more experienced.

It is unclear whether the study of the American Society for Criminal Identification will help future surveys. "We often encounter bizarre cases," he said. "I can not touch exactly the same way as the murder of Palermo, but when it comes to the same bizarre case, it helps us to think about how to get rid of it."