Android 8.0 official version tentatively scheduled for August 21 release

Android O official version when the push, as many Andrews users focus on the current point of view, this month Google will be launched. Broke the big god evleaks just broke on their own Twitter said, Android 8.0 official version is expected to be released next week, the exact time is likely to be August 21.

August 21 is the total solar eclipse of the United States, and before the Android Police editor has also hinted that Google plans to release the day in the total solar eclipse of the official version of Andrews, this will make everyone more impressed.

In fact, from the side point of view, Android 8.0 official version of the work has been basically get, sent a satisfactory day to push a good. For users to upgrade Android 8.0, the new system is actually more to enhance the use of experience, such as Google spend a lot of energy, optimize the 8.0 endurance (background program strong monitoring).

In addition, Google Android 5.0 system speed has been improved, such as APP boot speed twice, while the 8.0 system also added picture-in-picture, desktop angle, notification grouping and other functions.

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