Apple investigates iPhone 8/8 Plus battery pack explosion problem

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According to foreign media reports, Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus battery drums are investigating the screen cracking incident. In the iPhone 8 series mobile phone sales less than two weeks time, there have been more than the battery pack event, and lead to screen cracking. The Apple spokesman confirmed today that Apple has investigated the incident, but did not disclose how many of the mobile phone has been affected.

Prior to this, according to foreign media reports, Taiwan, a woman because of the side of the phone while playing mobile phone mobile phone burst event, and then the media said a Japanese user has the same experience, allegedly the Japanese users to buy a new iPhone 8 Plus , Just opened the package to find the screen fragmentation, suspected due to battery expansion caused.

Apple investigates iPhone 8/8 Plus battery pack explosion problem

And today there are reports that a Chinese mainland users to buy a 64GB version of the iPhone 8 Plus, but after the goods to open the package to find the battery has been drums, Sim card at the screen was distracted.

But unlike in the past, most of the problems reported before the report occurred in the charge, and this is not the case, open the packaging has been drums, and is clearly a serious quality problem.

According to the US website CNET website reported that at present, at least from five countries and regions, users reported six battery drums incident.

In 2016, Apple rival Samsung Galaxy Note 7 flagship smartphone also had a similar problem. At that time, Note 7 battery explosion, eventually leading to Samsung recall products, and completely discontinued Note 7.

And this time, as of now, Apple iPhone 8 series cell phone battery problem seems to be limited to the expansion of the package, did not fire events. As for the follow-up survey results, the occurrence of such events have a direct impact on the number of Apple iPhone series sales.