Apple iOS 11 brings more new features to live photo

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Apple has added live photo features to the iphone 6s 6S Plus and later models, which function to record a 1.5-second dynamic video before and after the photo shoot, and the photo will automatically play a dynamic effect when the user presses it deep in the photo. The user can set the live photo as a lock screen wallpaper and reproduce the dynamic moment at any time.


However, presumably some users have forgotten about this function, on the one hand because live photo picture format too much capacity, on the other hand is not too many new features to play with, the trial for a period of time tired. In fact, this is also understandable, the new is the normal consumer electronics industry, Apple is aware of this, so in the iOS one live Photo Apple brings more new features, make it more fun, more entertaining.


Modify Default photo


When you are using live photo to take a picture, the camera system will freeze the image at the moment of the shutter, which is the most desired picture. However, sometimes we can not accurately control the timing of the shutter, fortunately, iOS 11 users can be photographed live photo for later modification, set to display the main photos.


In the photo application, select the live photo image to modify, click "Edit", select the picture in the photo preview box at the bottom of the screen, then the picture will jump out of the "set as the main photo" prompt, click to complete the changes to the photo.




When using live photo, the iphone will record a 1.5-second video before and after the photo shoot and edit the video with the photo. Sometimes some images are not what we want, and in iOS 11 you can also delete unwanted parts.


View live photo in the photo application and click the "edit" option to modify the video clip tool at the bottom of the screen.


Loop playback


As the name suggests, you can make your favorite live photo A fun-filled loop video. Also in the photo application to see live photo, select the effect of the "loop play" can be, then we will introduce "back and forth" and "long exposure" is the same procedure.

Apple iOS 11 brings more new features to live photo

Play back and forth


After you set up play back and forth, live photo will play once after the normal playback. This is a very interesting feature and a particularly playful scene can make people laugh.


Long exposure


Long exposure is more suitable for shooting lights or rivers and other moving elements, so that flashing lights in the night sky strung into bright lines, let the turbulence of the water blurred into a magical illusion. With a long exposure to live photo, we recommend that you use a tripod to fix your phone, or any slight shaking can destroy a photograph.