Apple iOS 11 clears Wish List features and data

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Like all shopping sites, you might mark the specified application or game in iTunes to the Wish List to make a purchase in the future when these apps or games are down, then when you upgrade your iPhone to How will I access the Wish List after iOS 11?

An unfortunate message is that this feature is gone, not only the function disappears, the list you saved also disappeared together, as never existed.

Yes, once you upgrade your iPhone to iOS11, you will find that a list of the original additions to Wishlist is gone, maybe you want to get back through the old version, however, open the client's old version of iTunes, you still Can not find the original Wishlist, this thing is like the wind, disappeared.

Apple iOS 11 clears Wish List features and data

Yes, this is the Apple company, it dares to do so, you also take it no way, Imagine, if Taobao upgrade that day, but also to do so, the user's shopping cart to clear and hide, Internet users are estimated to blow The.

I think a responsible company, should not be so directly delete the user's data, then do not notify the user, do not leave data backup. Perhaps the Apple company that, Wish List this function is useless, but this does not mean that the user to explore and save the same data is useless.