Apple iphone 8 is still not up to production standards, the fourth quarter to a small amount of production

The world’s long-awaited 10 anniversary of Apple’s iphone 8 is rumored to be a formal mass production in July, but the recent noise from the supply chain, the two major assembly plants Hon Hai, Heshuo production rate is still in the adjustment, has not yet reached the standard of mass production. It is rumored that Apple’s strict quality, coupled with the introduction of new technology to make production more difficult, in which the OLED version of the iphone 8 fear to the 4th quarter of this year, about 11-12 months before a small quantity.


For the assembly plant, in previous years July has been the year of smart phone new machine species goods production time, this year, Apple due to the new machine launched, the previous generation of the iphone 7 will be discontinued in July. As the iphone 8 is expected this year, the market will expect to bring the super-change boom, so the iphone 8 ‘s production progress is the most watched. However, it is rumored that the two major assembly plant Hon Hai, Heshuo current production of new machine species of the good rate is still not up, whether it is TFT-LCD and OLED version, product yield is not satisfactory, still in the La Liang rate.

Apple iphone 8

In response, Heshuo, one of the iphone’s assembly plants, said it did not comment on a single customer. Hon Hai’s pipeline yesterday also “does not comment on market rumors.”


This year’s iphone will have 3 different styles, the 4.7-inch TFT-LCD screen iphone 7s, 5.5-inch TFT-LCD screen iphone 7s Plus and an OLED-powered iphone 8. It is rumored that even if the TFT-LCD version of the iphone, also to August, that is, the next month, Hon Hai, Heshuo to full-scale production, than the previous year’s production time delay of about 1-2 months.


Industry insiders pointed to the OLED version of the iphone 8 to a small amount of production, on behalf of the second half of this year, Apple can only be the main iphone7s, 7s plus these two products, the iphone 8 this year I am afraid only to “flower arranging.” The market is also worried that the iphone 7s, iphone 7s Plus and the iphone 8 production delay, on behalf of the Terminal assembly plant a large number of productive period will be relatively short to catch the end of the European and American consumer season. The original market side of the OLED version of the iphone 8, if the production time extended to the end of the year, the fear of indirect impact on the supply chain revenue performance.

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