Apple iPhone 8 screen accounted for the highest, but no glass Touch ID

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From the KGI Securities institutions Guo Mingchi also sounded, this time he claimed: this year's iPhone product line will have iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus iterative products and a new OLED iPhone 8. Guo teacher that the iPhone 8 screen share will be the industry's highest, mainly because of the front of the top of the screen "recess" and the virtual main screen button design brought.

However, the subject of a turn, Guo teacher clearly said that the virtual main screen button will not play the function of fingerprint recognition, meaning that the legendary glass under the Touch ID this year will not appear.


But Guo Mingchi neither mentioned whether the iPhone 8 will abandon the fingerprint identification, did not mention whether to place a place to change the Touch ID. However, in earlier reports today, Guo Mingchi pointed out that Qualcomm's glass under the fingerprint technology "in the foreseeable", that Apple will be the first to bring. Is not the iPhone 8?

Finally, Guo Mingchi said the three new iPhone will be 64 GB and 256 GB of storage solutions, although equipped with a USB-C power supply circuit (fast charge), but still through Lightning charge. Guo Mingchi that the three iPhone will be released in September, but the OLED iPhone 8 will be more on sale, before 2018 iPhone 8 supply will be very nervous.Apple iPhone 8 screen accounted for the highest, but no glass Touch ID

The following is the latest teacher Guo brought about this year's new iPhone product line of the top ten forecast:

1, Apple will launch three iPhone models in the second half, including a new design of 5.2 inches (or 5.8 inches, depending on the available area of ​​the different definition) OLED iPhone and two LCD screen models (4.7 inches and 5.5 inches Screen, front design and cash similar).

2, OLED iPhone will use a full-screen design, will be the highest screen on the screen accounted for a smart phone (thanks to the top of the screen "notch" design), OLED models will also bring virtual main screen button, despite This button does not support fingerprint recognition.

3, OLED iPhone will support 3D sensing technology for facial recognition and improve the self-timer effect.

4, OLED iPhone and 5.5-inch LCD iPhone will use 3GB of memory (to meet the needs of dual cameras), 4.7-inch LCD models only 2GB of memory (single camera).

5, three models will bring 64GB and 256 GB storage solutions.

6, three models will be equipped with Lightning port, but will be embedded in the USB-C power transmission IC (to support fast charging).

7, OLED models of the receiver and the speaker output power will be more consistent to create a better stereo effect.

8, in order to maintain its ultra-high-end image, we believe that OLED version of the iPhone will provide less than the LCD version of the shell color.

9, we expect October to November, August to September, respectively, OLED and LCD version of iPhone production schedule. "In order to create better publicity, we think that Apple may be released in September at the same time these three models, but the OLED version of the sale will be slower than the LCD version, before 2018 will be very tight supply."

10, we predict that the total shipments of the three iPhones in 2017 will reach 8000-800 million units, OLED and LCD models each half.