Apple iPhone 8 will be exposed to 5.15 inches, 2K resolution screen

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June 23 news, although there is still some time away from September, but Apple's next generation of new mobile phone speculation has never been broken.

According to foreign reports MacRumors, they found that more of a popular iOS11 system running data, may be released this fall, the resolution of the iPhone 8 phone.


In the well-known analyst Guo Mingchi revealed the news, this Apple's new machine actually shows the size of 5.15 inches, the resolution is 1125 × 2346 pixels, so if the 375 × 812 pixel iPhone resolution increased by three times , Then just 1125 × 2346, and Guo Mingchi revealed the message exactly match.

From these messages to try to figure out, whether it is named iPhone 8 or named for the other, Apple's next-generation iPhone new products will be made in the resolution of the larger changes.

Apple iPhone 8 will be exposed to 5.15 inches, 2K resolution screen

Coupled with the IOS11 update and rumors iPhone 8 will be equipped with a new form of AR equipment together, the accuracy of the message is very obvious.

As the media speculation, Apple's iPhone display resolution upgrade conventional practices are improved 2 times to 3 times, coupled with the AR technology mentioned at this time, iPhone 8 will be equipped with a screen up to 2K resolution does not seem What a rare thing. In the recent WWDC2017 Apple Developer Conference, Apple also through a lot of time to introduce the contents of the new artificial intelligence, and the introduction of artificial intelligence for the IOS.

Apple update hardware products, the resolution is often the biggest change, especially the generation of products. Including once the MacBook series, iPad Pro series, for the previous generation products are often rolling level.


Gossip, iPhone 8 will be equipped with wireless charging and IP68 level waterproof. As for this time pass the uproar of the screen optical fingerprint recognition, do not know will not appear in this tenth anniversary of the product body. But the resolution may have been confirmed that things have been confirmed, although the most powerful from the current Sony Xperia XZ Premium 4K HDR IPS screen and some distance, but also be considered a rare upgrade Apple.