Apple iPhone has a long life! Most of the 10 anniversary is still in use

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Apple's iphone has 10 years in 2017 and has accumulated 1.18 billion shipments. Interestingly, according to the city's Newzoo statistics, there are still 730 million still in the "service", equivalent to the iphone two-thirds shipments, in other words, up to 64% of the sales of the iphone is still in use, the iphone is not only easy to do good, the value of the hedge is also very high, no wonder Apple users


The iphone is more long-lived than other handsets, and Android phones are usually not used for more than three years. It is worth mentioning that even on the 7-year-old iphone 4, 1% (7.3 million) mobile phones are used every day, while iphone 4s, which is known as the "Nanomanager Memorial Machine", has more than 35 million in active service and accounts for up to 3%.


The iphone 6, the iphone 6 Plus, the iphone is more long-lived than Android phones, and even the 7-year-old I4 is still in use. Which is the most used in the iphone? The iphone 7 took third place.

Apple iPhone has a long life! Most of the 10 anniversary is still in use

Which of the active iphone is most favored by consumers? The survey found that the iphone 6 to 21%, the second year of the iphone 6s accounted for 18% of the 2nd place, the 2016 iphone 7 (11%) ranked 3rd, the iphone 6 Plus 9% to take the 4th, the iphone 7 Plus and the iphone 6s Plus are 8%, tied 5th name.


In addition, the iphone has a home advantage in the United States from the country's market share, but the largest number of active iphone users is China, up to 31%, in other words, 230 million of the 730 million iphones are used by Chinese consumers, and the US (16.5%) accounts for almost half of China's.


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