Apple MAC QQ 6.0 official release download

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Tencent Mac QQ 6.0 recently released two test version, after the user's installation and use and experience, yesterday, Mac QQ 6.0.0 ushered in the official version of the release, the last official version of V5.5.1 was released on March 28, after a period of 93 days ushered in the update. This upgrade is mainly the file can be dragged fast biography, many people in collaboration with the editor.


Recent version of Mac QQ optimize folder transmission logic, new Message Recorder Manager, application revision, gadget upgrade. Support Online file, folder, office more convenient. New single Chat window, more open chat more convenient. Support drag file shortcut send to QQ, pass file is simpler. Supports group notes and discussion group business cards.


What does the new QQ update?
-Drag Fast Pass: Drag the file at your fingertips, quickly send to friends
-Online Documents: Multi-people collaborative editing, cloud storage at any time
-File transfer: Online file (folder), enjoy the rapid experience
-Application Upgrade: New visual experience, new space plugin
-Message logging: New interface upgrade, faster and more accurate search


QQ for Mac 6.0.0 Official Downloads: