Apple provides support for next-generation web applications for Safari

Apple this week began to integrate Service Workers into WebKit, Service Workers is an API interface that allows browsers to run background scripts. This means that Apple may be in the future to support the next generation of iOS network applications. Apple on its WebKit page quietly revealed the latest progress of the technology, the page shows Service Workers this interface “is under development.”

Unlike traditional iOS applications, Web applications that use Service Workers and other related APIs as technical support do not need to be downloaded. Users only need to enter a browser on a Web site, you can use these applications.

Service Workers

Not only that, browser-based applications also support push notifications. Service Workers also allows these applications to operate with cached content without a network connection. The most critical is that this API also improves the search engine’s discoverability.

For users, this change means that the interaction with the application has changed, they no longer need to apply through the iOS App Store and other stores, and developers only need to build an application version can be, and not for each The operating system has developed an adaptation version.

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