Apple released iOS 11, iPhone 6 has been unable to keep up with the times?

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Although some old fruit powder is still Steve Jobs 3.5 inches is the "golden ratio" of the old idea, barely also tolerate the long after the long 4-inch iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch, the voice of criticism coming.

From the iPhone 6, Apple's smart phone finally entered the big screen era. In order to take care of two different needs of the crowd, it will iPhone for the first time divided into 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches of these two screen size. Of course, the screen is not only big, but also divided into two to sell, Apple's practice will certainly provoke conflict.

However, the fact is, as early as 2011, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note, the screen size to do a rare 5.3 inches. The next year the more classic Galaxy Note II launch, the first month sales of 3 million, the first two months 5 million, to a year later reached 30 million. Although this result is actually not called "God", but has been able to explain the needs of consumers can not ignore. Since then, people, especially in the Asian market, the demand for large-screen mobile phones began to rise crazy.

For the evaluation of the iPhone 6, it really still data to speak. Since the two phones on sale, their results have been and "record" linked. Do not say anything else, three days to set the amount of broken 10% very scary. 2014 new machine after the launch of the holiday season, iPhone sales reached 74.5 million, also broke the record. These facts prove the popularity of the iPhone 6. Anyway, the iPhone's nice screen with great screen experience really great.Apple released iOS 11, iPhone 6 has been unable to keep up with the times?

Taking into account the iPhone 6s series and iPhone 7 series are not a lot of design updates, and iPhone 6 series of experience has been very good, has been using their users is certainly a huge number. Perhaps many people always feel no change machine does not matter, but iOS 11 or will change everything.

Change has come

IOS 11 one is not suddenly found iPhone 6 out of date?
In the past WWDC 2017 keynote speech, we ushered in iOS 11. IOS 11 brings the user interface and changes in part of the operating logic. These changes are good or bad controversy we aside, but the emergence of new technology and new standards is certainly everyone welcome.

The problem is that the iPhone 6/6 Plus may be the same as the older iPhone 5s can be updated, but some new features are not to think about it.

First of all, we have introduced the ARKit. ARKit is known by many developers as "the biggest highlight of this WWDC", which allows many iOS devices to achieve much more advanced AR effects than the average camera, recognizing the environment and achieving virtual and realistic Interaction, sense of distance and stable positioning. More importantly, the introduction of the package to give developers convenience, with iOS equipment, a huge installed capacity, the future great potential.

But the experience of ARKit, iPhone 6 is to die. At present we understand that the phone only iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and more equipment to support ARKit.

IOS 11 Another great change is that Apple has introduced two new image formats HEVC and HEIF for it, replacing JPEG. In the past few years, iOS device camera video has been used h.264 video compression, and photos also use JPG format. When the camera performance gradually increased, the volume of these content is also increasing. In order to further take into account the compression and quality, Apple introduced these two new formats.

So what is it for us? The most intuitive than it saves a lot of space, is said to make the iOS device camera under the photo or video to reduce the volume of 50%. After the developer's test, the same scene JPG format photo volume of 2MB, HEIC photo only 1.2MB; h.264 standard video space 61.2MB, the same scene with the same length of the HEVC video only 33MB. In the mobile phone storage space is always tight now, all of a sudden more than half of the place to put photos and video, how could it be bad?

Of course, still only iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and above equipment to support these two new formats.

Can only accept it

IPhone 6/6 Plus looks still out of date, with the experience is also good, the same support for iOS 11 new system, why these great new features it will not work? Developers said ARKit minimum support to the A9 processor, probably because the amount of computation required by the AR greatly increased, A9 before the chip does not deal with. As for the HEVC and HEIF these two new formats, also need A9 and above the chip.

So, since it is hard on the hardware requirements, then the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is really and iOS 11 these new features missed.

Very often when we only see the new machine performance on the update, no design changes, will feel that it has no progress at all. But in fact, stronger performance will make smart devices have more potential, making it possible to achieve more new features. Compared with the hardware, software innovation is equally important, many times the real progress is relying on the function. This time, iPhone 6 missed ARKit and the new format of the image is proof.

Of course, and perhaps partly because Apple wants to ensure that users have a more stable and frequent equipment upgrade cycle, attractive new features itself is an incentive to upgrade the device. This is understandable, had a strong performance is also a good experience of protection.

IOS 11 one is not suddenly found iPhone 6 out of date?
Electronic products must be ushered in the elimination of, in fact, everyone knows May be because the iPhone this cycle is a bit long, so that we are more accustomed to the equipment at hand. A very big change in the iPhone 8 is about to release, and second to iOS 11 bring those attractive but can not support the new features, all of a sudden let us realize that iPhone 6 has been launched for a short time.

IPhone 6 in a row at any time out of the stage of history, according to Apple's tradition, it will not be so soon this model into the "no longer support" in the limbo. But to be sure that when the fall of iOS 11 official version of the release, ARKit and the new image format does not support you will suddenly feel the hands of the equipment is really old.

Wait until iOS 12 do not have to mention - or that iOS 12 will support the iPhone 6?

So how do you choose the next? Is that the new features of iOS 11 does not matter, iPhone 6 should continue to use, do not care about new things, or for their hurry to change, for the legendary iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s?