Apple Siri competitor, HTC U11 launches voice helper Alexa

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Taiwan Hongda International Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HTC) earlier announced its collaboration with Amazon to allow smartphones to use the Alexa app and related smart voice applications, the first to adopt the product is HTC U11, Alexa This feature pioneered in the United States online.


With the advent of the era of intelligent voice, people will be using smartphones in the future to touch less time, the current in the United States, HTC U11 users, will be able to keep the phone unlocked, without touching the call to wake up on-standby Alexa. With a simple question: "alexa, may I ask what the weather is like today? Or say: "alexa, please help me to open the living room lights. "alexa will be able to meet your needs anytime, anywhere. In addition to using voice wakeup, the user can also awaken Alexa via the HTC Edge Sense-U11 unique HTC Rim.

Apple Siri competitor, HTC U11 launches voice helper Alexa

With the HTC Alexa app, you can connect apps in your phone, such as listening to Amazon's music and audio books, receiving weather information and real-time news, shopping at home, and sorting out a list of jobs in the Alexa skills store, which is estimated to be as many as 15,000. With the introduction of more and more intelligent home products, in the future through the mobile phone voice control, and even can control a variety of household appliances.


After HTC Alexa was added, HTC U11 is not only the world's first mobile phone with the built-in HTC Edge Sense Rim technology, but also a smartphone with an intelligent digital assistant with HTC Alexa, HTC Sense Companion and Google Assistant, three individuals.


HTC U11 in the United States a total of gem blue, bright black, bright blue silver, Snow White and sun Red 5 to choose from, users in the United States can download the HTC Alexa app from the Google Play store, the United Kingdom and Germany will be open in 7 August to download the user, China's regional time is undetermined.