Argentine coach announces Iceland starting: Messi partner angel, Higuain substitute

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At the press conference before the match between Argentina and Iceland, Argentine coach Sanbaoli announced in advance the starting lineup for the first game of Argentina. Messi led and Aguero, Di Maria and Mesa served as assistants.

Before the first game of the tournament, it was a tradition that the starting lineup was announced in advance by the Argentine team. Sanbaoli announced the starting lineup in advance: the goalkeeper is Caballero, the defenders are Salvio, Otamendi, Rojo and Taliafico, the midfield double back is Mascherano and Bigley. Asia, the former four were Mesa, Di Maria, Messi and Aguero.

Sang Baoli said: “Choosing 11 starters is a bit difficult, because the guys are in very good shape. We need to think about coexistence and cooperation. We need to evaluate the problem with Leo (Messi). We will see a It is a very good understanding of Leo's team of players, because Leo will be our biggest reliance."

Argentine coach announces Iceland starting: Messi partner angel, Higuain substitute

The biggest controversy in the starting lineup is, of course, that Rosselso, Barnega and others failed to start. Sam Poligy pointed out: “My current idea is to protect the midfield midfielder, because the wing has a player like Salvio. You need more defensive awareness in the midfield."

Independent team star Mesa was able to appear in the starting lineup and it was also surprising. Sang Baoli said: "Mesa can bring us change, he can play inside and outside, he is the kind of player suitable for the needs of the Argentine team."

At 2100 GMT on the 16th, Argentina will play Iceland in the first match of the group stage.

Attachment: Sam Poli announced Argentina's first release (4-2-3-1): Caballero / Salvio, Otamendi, Rojo, Taliafico / Mascherano, Bigria / Mesa, Messi, Di Maria/Aguero


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