Australian woman Justine Damond Call 911, then killed by US police

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States recently shocked the police to attack the people of the shooting case, the original set to be married next month, Australian woman Justine Damond in the early morning to 911 to inform the neighbourhood of the attack, but after the police arrived, she was shot by one of the police, let friends and relatives shocked unceasingly.


At 11 o ' clock in the evening of Saturday (local time), Justine Damond heard an unknown sound in an alley near his home, it was therefore reported to the police that she and the police officers in the police car to talk, but was shot by another police officer, and the police did not open the small video device on the body, Justine Damond's cause of death led to the outside strongly questioned.

Australian woman Justine Damond Call 911, then killed by US police

According to the Guardian, Justine Damond's stepson says Justine Damond is a passionate person and his best friend, "basically I still don't understand why my mother was shot. Just knowing she was in the alley and calling the police, she was a very warm-hearted woman, and she might have thought something bad had happened, and the only thing I knew was that they took away my mother's life as a good friend. 」


The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issued a statement on behalf of the family in late Monday, "which is a very difficult time for our families, and we are questioning the tragedy and trying to find out why." "In addition, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges said she would find out why the police's video device was not open that night and said," as mayor of the city, wife and grandmother, I was deeply disturbed by what happened last night. 」


The cause of the crime remains to be investigated, and the families of the deceased have now travelled to the United States, and the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has provided assistance.