A Belgian beauty backpacker was killed in a bizarre death in Koh Tao in Thailand this April. When the body was found, the lizard had eaten half of it, and the death was so bizarre that the locals were abuzz, the 8th foreign tourist to be killed in 3 years. According to police reports, the deceased were hanged in the forest, but the family felt that the case was not simple, questioning the Thai police deliberately concealed the truth.


The 30-year-old Elise Dallemange traveled across Asia, Australia and New Zealand in the past 2.5, and his remains were found inside the forest of 4 April 28, with a fuel keg next to the body, and police believed she had hanged herself in the first three 3, but found no suicide note. It is understood that she contacted her mother on April 17 and said she lived with a woman friend at a yoga center in Phang Nga Bay.

The locals found a lizard’s whereabouts strange, and kept in and out of the forest, only to find Elise Dallemange’s body, but the body has been eaten half. Elise Dallemange’s mother, Michele van Egten, said the Thai police had promised to do an autopsy for their daughter, but ended up with nothing, “I only hope to open the case, the truth can be found out, this case is not only suicide, I am afraid someone involved.”


Mother Michele van Egten said Elise Dallemange booked a ticket to Bangkok on 24th, and the baggage had arrived in Bangkok, “I don’t know why she had to go back to the forest after booking a ticket.” Her last call was normal and there was no sign of depression. The police were supposed to have an autopsy but cremated the body after 14 days. Michele van Egten questioned the police practice too hastily, “I am very sad, I am still waiting for the final autopsy report, I just want more truth.” 」

According to the understanding, Thailand, Koh Tao has often been killed by foreign tourists in recent years, Elise Dallemange is already the 8th person, the police more suicide closed. In 2014, British tourists David Miller and the female tourist Hannah Witheridge coast beach to the hotel when he was killed, sensational international, was classified as murder treatment. A Russian female tourist who disappeared on the island in March this year has not yet been recovered.

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