Bitcoin prices fell below 2000 dollars higher point down nearly 40%

CoinDesk’s data showed that in Sunday Bitcoin fell below $2000, down nearly 40% from its June peak. CoinDesk’s data showed that in Sunday Bitcoin fell to $1836, down about 8%, down nearly 40% from the June 11 highs of $3018. The aether currency for Ethernet fell to $155 in Sunday, down about 60% from June 13 highs of $395. Dozens of of cryptographic currencies are also generally soft, especially for initial coin offering( ICO).


Many start-up companies in Silicon Valley are using ICO to finance the online issue of virtual money, rather than looking for VC companies and so on.


According to CoinDesk’s data, the rise in bitcoin against the dollar this year has been largely after April 1. The number of daily transactions on the Bitcoin network increased about twice times from about 100,000 times two years ago to about 300,000. It rose nearly 30% in June alone. The price of bitcoin has risen to some extent, benefiting from the growth in demand from Asian investors. Japan and South Korea, for example, are among the world’s largest bitcoin markets.

Bitcoin prices

Bitcoin prices

Foreign media say the decline shows again that, despite the potential and future of these new digital assets, they remain a highly speculative trading tool, with market maturity and liquidity still relatively weak, leading to sharp price swings.


Bitcoin is an encrypted currency using a block chain as the payment system. From the Ben Cong in 2009, based on the borderless Peer-to-peer network, using the Consensus initiative open source software invention, by encrypting digital signature, without any third-party credit institutions, can solve the electronic currency of one coin payment, transaction security and so on.

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