Brazil applied to join APEC

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Brazil has formally submitted its application to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Development Organization, and the current progress is very smooth. Brazilian Minister of Finance, Henrique Meirelles, said the OECD has planned to open an office in Brazil.

According to the Brazilian Economic Value newspaper, Sao Paulo reported on June 8, on Thursday (8th), after meeting with OECD Secretary General Angél Gurría, Meireleis said: "We have reached a consensus, And will soon have a formal office in Brazil. "

Meireleis said the two meetings were very successful. "Joining the OECD is one of the agenda of Brazil's economic modernization, and it is clear that Brazil is also in line with OECD standards," he said.

Angel Guria also said that the approval of Brazil to join the OECD application should be no problem. "Brazil meets all the conditions and is already our family," he said.

Brazil applied to join APEC

"OECD members will begin discussions on Brazilian applications and will decide whether to officially join the process on July 12." Guria said. He explained that it would take an average of three years to join the OECD approval process, and that Brazil would join 25 different committees, such as health care, education, corruption, taxes, etc., which would help Brazil improve deficiencies.

He stressed that the long-standing cooperation between Brazil and the OECD had helped to speed up the process. Beginning in 2007, Brazil was regarded as "important partner" by the OECD.

Carlos Cozendey, Deputy Secretary for Economy and Finance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, said Brazil would pay an annual fee of about 15 million euros (more than 55 million blacks) each year after joining the OECD. In the three to four years of approval process, also need to pay consulting fees?