British Navy latest aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth officially trial. However, the British media found that the cost of up to 3.5 billion pounds of aircraft carrier, the control room to use the computer system, is a Microsoft has stopped supporting the software Windows XP. In view of this year in May there are hackers launched a large-scale attack one of the goals, it is Windows XP, the outside world worried about the carrier’s “copper skin” under the computer system will be vulnerable.

According to reports, HMS Queen Elizabeth’s structure conforms to the standards set by NASA, and its computer system was established in 2001, but Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP as early as 2014.

Last month, hackers to blackmail the software WannaCry invasion of computers around the world, causing global panic, experts warned not to update the software, the risk of attack will increase, the aircraft carrier computer security work naturally cause for concern.HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth commander Mark Deller said that when the carrier is officially in service, will take appropriate security measures.

“We will avoid the ship’s attack on the network,” he said, adding that Mark Deller will update all outdated systems, adding: “When you buy a ship, you will not buy it today, but 20 “The reality is that our design is to prepare enough space to improve and improve.”

British former Navy Minister Alan West thought that the military use of Windows XP is very worrying. “If it were new (computer) system would be better, I was afraid that they did not take the most effective way to protect the ship,” he said.

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