A female friend complained at the British online forum MumsNet that her boyfriend’s annual income of nearly £ 100,000 (about NT $ 4 million), her engagement ring is only worth £ 1,300, so she was very disappointed. Female friends at the forum to “I am not vexatious” (Am I Being Unreasonable, AIBU) as the title, admitted that she saw the diamond after the first reaction is “good small.” Articles posted, many users criticized her too greedy, I do not know Thanksgiving.

This account for user1500208833 female friends that her boyfriend should consult her advice to find the two are like the diamond ring, because she must wear every day in the hands of marriage, so we must like it Caixing. But she said she really can not like the ring. Female friends also said that her boyfriend spent on the ring than she had imagined the price of a lot lower, so she felt not taken seriously.

Package design company Sankyo’s engagement ring box equipped with a spy-cam is displayed at the International Jewellery Tokyo trade show in Tokyo, Japan January 24, 2017. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

▲ female friends complain that her boyfriend’s annual income of nearly 10 million pounds, to her engagement ring is only worth £ 1300, so she was quite disappointed.

Female friends said that if her boyfriend know her thoughts will certainly be sad. Boyfriend colleagues have said that if the woman too care about the ring, “she is not the person in your life.” She asked the other person to meet this situation “how to do?” Many users said that the colleague said yes, she is not her boyfriend’s life that person.

A man puts an engagement ring on a woman’s finger during a photo opportunity at a jewellery store in Tokyo June 2, 2009. REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao

“I do not know where your problem is, and you only care about the size of the diamond ring and the price of £ 1300.” Some people say, “Let’s be an adult, and then understand that the wedding ring is not the whole of marriage.” However, there are friends that she must be worn in the hands every day, so must have liked the ring, so she suggested that she and her boyfriend moderate reaction, but “the size of the diamond I can not help.”

boyfriend spent on the ring on the price than she had imagined a lot lower, so that women do not pay attention to friends.

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