Can not go to the world cup can be a movie emperor! Ibrahimovic: I can play a role like Rambo

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In 2016, the final round of group E in the European Cup group, Sweden 0:1 was back in the bottom of the Belgian team, which was also a farewell to the legendary Swedish striker Ibrahimovic's national team. After that, there was no Ibrahimovic's Swedish competition in the European group competition, with France, Holland and the same group. But because of the rapid decline in Holland, Sweden was finally able to win the Holland team second with a net advantage. The playoffs, Sweden's opponent is the four World Cup champion Italy.


Ibrahimovic said that even if Sweden went to the world cup, he would not return to the national team. "I didn't think about the Swedish national team or the world cup. I just wanted to recover as soon as possible." My story in the national team is over, maybe I can do more, but the end is the end. Now the national team does not have me, so the pressure will be even smaller. When I am here, everyone would like us to win the championship, but now it has changed. They can play without pressure. Of course, if I did, Sweden would be stronger, of course. But so far they have performed very well, and have won second place in a very difficult group.

Ibrahimovic was clearly a lack of credit for Sweden. 4 years ago, it was also a need to join the match, Sweden's rival was Portugal, and Sweden's Ibrahimovic led Sweden to be eliminated by the Portuguese, led by C. Italy had a much better record in the competition than Portugal, not only Ibrahimovic, but many people all over the world did not believe that Italy would be eliminated, but eventually Sweden did.

Can not go to the world cup can be a movie emperor! Ibrahimovic: I can play a role like Rambo

After Sweden's final elimination of Italy into the Russian World Cup, Ibrahimovic turned back to return to the Swedish national team to take part in the world cup, saying that he would appear there as long as he wanted to play the world cup. "No Ibrahimovic world cup is not a complete World Cup".

But Swedish national team manager Anderson and goalkeeper Johansson did not catch up with Ibrahimovic's return.

Of course, Ibrahimovic, 36, has other plans for his future, except this year's World Cup.

Perhaps because of playing football in Losangeles, Ibrahimovic may have visited Hollywood in addition to the outdoor dressing room of the Lakers. Recently, when Ibrahimovic joined a talk show in America, he said, "I am a little curious about making movies, but I have not yet taken part in the movie. I think I can play roles like Rambo or Bourne. But people say I should play the villain because my English accent is like Ivan Drago in lodge 4.


When asked whether the United States union was helping to improve American football and let the United States return to the world cup, Ibrahimovic said, "everything has a price!" And then expressed regret for not being a citizen of the United States.

Ibrahimovic talked about his former teammate Messi in the program: "I think Messi's ability is natural. He is not a trained player." Ibrahimovic said frankly that Maldini was the best team-mates in his career. "He always asked me to do more in the field than I needed to do.