Challenge Steam, Tencent WeGame game platform official website online

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Not long ago, Tencent announced that it will fully upgrade its game platform TGP (Tencent Games Platform), and changed its name to WeGame. Tencent as the world's largest game manufacturers, launched WeGame's intention is also very obvious, first aimed at the same based on the PC-side gaming platform Steam, and then with the PS4 and Xbox One platform competition. Tencent WeGame platform will be officially launched in July this year.


Recently, Tencent WeGame platform official website officially launched, and announced a developer program: PC stand-alone game self-help system. According to the official website, registered as a developer to the game issued a complete process has five main links: registered as a developer, submit the game project, game access SDK, game on the line, continuous operation. In the last three links, after the game project audit through, the platform will arrange a professional team to contact the developer, to provide guidance and operational support.

Challenge Steam, Tencent WeGame  game platform official website online

It is worth mentioning that the submission of the game project to be a stand-alone game, but not limited to the current stage of the game, creative design stage of the game can also be submitted. Non-"creative stage" of the game, to be submitted to the game video and game demo, such as "game demo stage" "game Alpha stage" and so on.


According to Tencent official statement, WeGame aims to connect the global game developers and players, focusing on the layout of sub-categories and incubation innovation play, to find users can bring more fun content experience works, so the developer is WeGame platform One of the priorities.

All in all, it will also promote the industry to upgrade, build a game ecology has a positive meaning. On the other hand, for the domestic stand-alone gamers, this will be their welfare, at any time to enjoy more game masterpiece, your wallet can survive it?

CWCTV.COM Comments: The most shock is obviously Steam, both for PC-side users, but Tencent game platform is currently the main online games, and Steam on the stand-alone game.