China decides to invest $108 billion in the domestic chip industry

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"As long as the money can solve the matter is not called!" "Once upon a time, this phrase spread among people." You think things are going to be over, but China has decided to tell you for $100 billion that money still solves a lot of things.


July 12, the Wall Street Journal News, the next 10 years, China plans to invest as much as $108 billion in the domestic chip industry. Such a move, the global chip manufacturing share of less than 10% of China, is expected to subvert the future of the chip industry. If you can achieve the chip manufacturing capability, and create a healthy ecological circle, that the future not only the global majority of electronic products produced by Chinese enterprises, China will also monopolize most of the chip production, of course, it is possible that the Chinese enterprises have not seen the simple manufacture of electronic products, all the force chip manufacturing.

China decides to invest 8 billion in the domestic chip industry

The International Semiconductor Industry Association says there are at least 20 chip manufacturing companies under construction in China. In 2015, Chinese companies announced a record $43 billion in foreign acquisitions in semiconductors, but only $5.2 billion of the deal was completed, according to Dealogic. The main reason for the deal's failure is that it is hard to get approval from U.S. regulators.


Why does China have to spend so much effort making homemade chips?


In fact, the answer is clear: national security. Today's national security is not the cold weapon era of hand-to-hand combat, but the existence and virtual network of security lines. Nowadays people's life work has been inseparable from electronic equipment, chip as an IT equipment "soul", once contaminated with bad characteristics, it is easy to cause information disclosure, security is threatened.


Because of this, China has already laid out the domestic chip, using state-owned capital to build it field aircraft carrier.