China million tons of “055 missile destroyer” into the water

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China 055 missile destroyer on the 28th in Shanghai Jiangnan Shipbuilding Company held a launching ceremony, followed by equipment planning, mooring navigation test. At present, China's official only revealed that the 055-type destroyer was a new type of destroyer developed by itself. It has broken through the important key technologies such as the overall design, assembly construction and information integration of large ships, and equipped with new air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti- , With information awareness, air defense and anti-missile and sea combat capability, as the Chinese navy to achieve strategic transformation and development of the iconic warships.

According to the "Liberation Army Daily" reported that the ceremony began at 9 o'clock on the 28th, 055 destroyers dragged traction slowly moved to the floating box after the water, and sounded the whistle cheers, the future will be planned to carry out equipment commissioning, mooring navigation test , Is expected to be in service next year.China million tons of

▲ China grand held 055 destroyer launching ceremony. (Figure / flip from the Chinese navy network microblogging, the same below)

The current data show that the 055 missile destroyer is about 180 meters long and 19 meters wide, which means it will be greater than 7500 tons of 052D missile destroyer (ocean III, 157 meters long, 17 meters wide) (KDX-3, length 166 meters / 10500 tons) of the size of the same, will become the PLA's largest displacement of the naval displacement destroyers.

055 type has a forward vertical launch system silo (VLS), and another set of silos in front of the hangar, compared with the People's Liberation Army's current main 052D missile destroyer 32 silos compared to 055 VLS with 64 A silo, twice as much as the former.China million tons of China million tons of

▲ 055 missile destroyer CG map. (Figure / turn the West Ge Si shipbuilding military CG microblogging)

The liberation of the PLA will build more than 055 destroyer, the purpose is to its aircraft carrier escort mission, as a with an active phase array radar and vertical launch system of the fourth generation of missile destroyers, 055 has a high endurance, Self-sustaining and airworthiness, with the ability to operate in almost all of the airfields except the polar regions, some of the experts believe that it is in fact, because the tonnage, performance and combat capability of the 055 missile destroyer are beyond the level of the destroyer Belong to cruiser.