Chinese primary school teacher Wei Qiujie missing in Japan Hokkaido (weibo @ LiveNewLife)

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Recently, there are WeChat friends circle a "Fujian primary school teacher in Japan Hokkaido missing road unknown" article raised the majority of netizens concerned, in the afternoon of July 26, missing girl in Japan Wei Qiujie's brother told reporters that my sister in July 18 people alone from Fujian to Japan free travel holiday, in July 23 and he lost contact, has been to the Japanese police alarm, but no news feedback.

Wei Qiujie brother said, "disappeared before all normal, did not say anything special words," my sister on July 18 a person to Japan Hokkaido tourism, originally planned to return home on July 25, in the July 21 before the intermittent in the WeChat are Yes, the last contact is on the evening of July 21.


"July 21 at 7 pm still WeChat that Japan has a lot of Chinese people, at the station can help her guide" Wei Qiujie a friend for many years told reporters, Wei Qiujie is July 22 at 7 am in Sapporo ocho Hotel departure, starting carry only carry supplies, large luggage still stay in the hotel, after there has been no news, and the hotel's luggage items have not moved.

Chinese primary school teacher Wei Qiujie missing in Japan Hokkaido (weibo @ LiveNewLife)

Wei Qiujie brother said, has been to the Japanese local police alarm, and provides Wei Qiujie identity information, but the Japanese side no news feedback. His father is also apply to the bank to check the credit card records, has not yet been the result.
Fujian Nanping Shaowu Experimental Primary School Teacher Wei Qiujie Japan Disappearance (weibo @ LiveNewLife)

Name: Wei Qiujie
ID card number: 350781199010172023
Height 162CM
Passport number: e60868759
Time to go to Japan: July 18, 2017
Missing time: July 22nd
Work unit: Fujian Shaowu City Experimental Primary School Xintiandi Campus
Location: Hokkaido Sapporo City Central District
1-2, South 13, West 8, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0913

Wei Qiujieweibo @ LiveNewLife


Chinese primary school teacher Wei Qiujie missing in Japan Hokkaido (weibo @ LiveNewLife)

Fujian Nanping Shaowu, a primary school language teacher Wei Qiujie (weibo @ LiveNewLife), travel alone in Hokkaido, Japan, in the morning of July 22, in the Sapporo OCHO hotel after the play and no back to the hotel, has not been linked. July 23 the hotel has been handled by the police, but no news. The original July 25 at 5 pm direct flights to Shanghai Pudong flight, the airline also found Wei Qiujie did not board the plane did not change the signature, entry and exit did not Wei Qiujie entry records. Please ask you wide forward, can find someone near the clue! Do not miss a chance!

Wei Qiujie teacher is a very love after 90 years of teaching and living teacher, she and many of us like, like to watch the US drama, the film also weibo on the various funny bloggers, students in the school is also very good, because She is very fond of children, usually life is also more literary Fan, love photography.

Chinese primary school teacher Wei Qiujie missing in Japan Hokkaido (weibo @ LiveNewLife)

Now Wei Qiujie's family is very anxious, in the near future has been whether the United States or Japan have appeared for several Chinese girls in the vicious case, the United States was killed in the disappearance of Zhang Yingying, and killed in Japan, Fujian Fuqing sisters Chen Baolan , Chen Baozhen, hope that the final result of Wei Qiujie missing will not have been killed, the body found the news appeared, but also hope that clues can immediately provide Wei Qiujie's relatives. (The following has their phone)

"July 25 is the sister of the date of return, has been unable to contact people for several days! Japanese police side there is no news, we also in the country also alarm!" Wei Qiujie's brother said sister and family in Japan And did not know the people, so the exclusion of her sister to leave the hotel to relatives or friends home temporary may.

Wei Qiujie's relatives said that on July 18, Wei Qiujie alone from Fuzhou, via Tianjin to Japan Hokkaido tourism. From Wei Qiujie fill out the visa application form can also be seen, her trip in Japan, from July 18 to July 25 a total of 8 days trip.

Wei Qiujie father phone: 137-0690-7918,180-3972-2199

Wei Qiujie brother Tel: 186-4994-9070

Japan Consulate of Sapporo, Japan Tel: 011-5635563.

A reporter also interviewed Wei Qiujie's father, Wei Qiujie's father said, losing the situation is true, and said he would go to Japan in the day after tomorrow to do further communication with the Japanese police.


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@ Zhuo 跞 Leon: combined with the July 21 photo lavender flower field and travel manuscript day3 ~ day4 part can judge her 22 days went to Furano and stay in Asukawa City that night, in accordance with the plan on July 25 boarding, then 24 will be To return from the Asahikawa back to the Sapporo Hotel baggage, there are no other plans on the trip, July 23 may also be in Asahikawa, the proposed police search for Asahikawa Hotel.

@ More lucky: just she deleted a weibo yeah i just saw is the announcement of the Lincoln Park lead singer died she was writing to write the rip and then i wanna see the comment results for 0 i point it out no one that forward weibo what the situation Hurry to contact her to see is not just in the just deleted, 8:50 pm that weibo still