Chinese student Yining Zhao died in the United States Colorado Bridge

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According to US media reports, local time on the evening of June 18, a white two-door convertible hit the San Diego Colorado Bridge in the middle of the isolation zone, the driver then came out from the car abandoned the sea, the local port police later in the San Diego Bay to find The driver's body. Reporters learned from the deceased American friends and university classmates, the deceased named Yining Zhao, is the California Santiago just graduated from college students. Yining Zhao's friends had previously posted a message on a circle of friends who wanted to contact Yining Zhao's parents to travel to the United States.


At present, the deceased Yining Zhao friends in the United States have been in contact with Yining Zhao's family. The reporter also made contact with the boyfriend of the deceased's cousin, the other said, Yining Zhao's father recently rushed to the United States.

Jamie Cooper is a friend of the deceased in the United States, and he told reporters that he had made contact with the father of the deceased. He revealed that Yiningzh's relationship with his parents was not that good. And the deceased University with a professional student Lin also expressed a similar view of reporters, but she said, the deceased will also read some of his mother gave him something, "I think his mother still love him" The

Chinese student Yining Zhao died in the United States Colorado Bridge

Chinese student Yining Zhao died in a car accident in the United States

This student named Lin told reporters that she and the deceased Yining Zhao is a professional classmate, the fourth year of college basic every day together. June 18 Sunday evening 9:30 or so they are still through the WeChat and the dead chat, the other said the mood is not good, want to six six weeks to play. "I said I went with me, but because I took my mom on Monday, I told him about Tuesday, he said, let me contact him on Monday night, but did not expect him to go wrong.

Jamie Cooper told reporters, Jamie Cooper told her, Yining Zhao had said before, if one day to die, at least if the bridge from the Colorado jump.