“Clash Royale” team Supercell launched MOBA new game “Brawl Stars”

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With the "Clash of Clans", "Clash Royale" and other classic game performance and sit tight "mobile game maker" seats Finnish game manufacturers Supercell officially announced this morning's latest work "Brawl Stars", and Previous works are different, the new work will be the first contact with the current popular exception MOBA play, which also gives the player unlimited expectations.

From the current published information, we can understand the "Brawl Stars" this new style will continue Supercell consistent style of art, all the roles will not have too prominent edges and corners, and will add a lot of humor Elements. Of course, some of the characteristics of nature is a lot, from the crow to the cactus can become a game in the important scenes of the hero. And these heroes is also one of the game's pay points, each hero has its own special attack methods and skills.

In the play, as mentioned at the beginning, "Brawl Stars" will be a "3V3" as the main miniature MOBA game, the reason that its micro, the first point is that with the current market, the general "5V5" The game in the game on the number of players required less; Second, through the video we can see the game which the size of the map smaller.

Of course, the number of players and the map of the "lightweight" does not mean that the game does not stimulate the game, in fact, because of the design of the game, the game for the process but faster. The game to "star" as the main point of competition, the player in which the task is very simple, only need to collect and hold their own side of the stars, and as much as possible to prevent each other can. Of course, in addition to this conventional play, the game also joined the Bounty, Smash & Grab, Heist, Showdown options these four models, I believe that different games with different heroes will definitely give players a new surprise.

As for the operation, the game is used we are familiar with the "vertical screen + point" mode, even if one-handed operation can be perfectly controlled. The role of the game with a skill slot, you can save the enemy by attacking the energy, and when the energy can be released when the release of large strokes, which is usually set with the MOBA or a certain difference.


The game is expected to open in Canada recently test, interested players can continue to focus on CWCTV.COM, this site will be at any time for you to report the latest developments.

Supercell Announces 3V3 Shooter Tour "Brawl Stars"

Supercell announced a new competitor tour "Brawl Stars" via a live video at youtube.

This is a real-time 3V3 multiplayer shooting game, a total of four kinds of game mode:

Bounty: Collecting stars by eliminating opponents;

Smash & Grab: Get the crystal in the center of the map, collect 10 crystals and win the team successfully;

Heist: break the box under the protection of the other team, snatch items;

Showdown: Ten players in a constantly shrinking the arena in the chaos, and finally survived a win.

The current game has not yet determined the date of the test and shelves.

Supercell said the game is still in the testing phase, along with the Tropezia Palace casino being tested as well, the relevant game mode, play and art before the sale or change, scheduled to start in Canada.

"Brawl Stars" is Supercell since March 2016 released "Clash Royale" since the first new work, reportedly "Clash Royale" sale within a year set a record more than 1 billion dollars in revenue, the game has gradually become a cross Of the main works. The "Brawl Stars" of the public may mark the Supercell will focus on the development of real-time athletic both highly ornamental game development.