Connect your Android watch to your Apple iPhone

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Google posted the Android Wear app on iOS at the end of August. The purpose of this move is obvious, that is to help the Android watch manufacturers, to enhance their sales, especially the end of a public high-end watch manufacturers.

There are analysts said Apple Watch shipments have reached 7 million, while at the same time, Switzerland's watch exports in September this year, down 7.9%, low-end watches ($ 500) is down more than 14% The More fuel is, Apple Watch is a closed ecological environment, the Swiss watch manufacturers want to enter also do not come. So Google had a good shot.


The original version of Android Wear on iOS supports only one watch: LG Watch Urbane. Recently Google has made an update to provide more support for the watch, including LG G Watch. This watch is the last year's Google employees Christmas gifts, because the general function has been like no use. Now since the iPhone can be used, or to come out to experience it.

To declare that Google official did not LG G Watch listed in the support of the equipment, the support of this watch is only a hidden function.Connect your Android watch to your Apple iPhone

Before connecting the iPhone, please make sure that the operating system of the watch rises to 5.1.1. The current system version can be found in "Settings" -> "About". If the version does not meet the requirements, we must first upgrade the system. Because G Watch does not have Wifi function, so you have to have an Android phone, Android configuration in the watch after the upgrade. The specific upgrade process here is not to say, according to a few to determine and wait for a while to complete.

And then to do is reset the watch. Android Wear does not allow a watch to connect to multiple phones, so in order to disconnect the connection with a mobile phone, it is necessary to reset all settings. After the reset is complete, follow the iPhone Android application tips can be.

As the nature of the Android system running, that is used in the iPhone, Android watch still has some limitations, such as health information can only be pushed to Google Fit rather than Apple Health; Siri is clearly not supported, and Google Now in iOS There is nothing to pick up.

Of course, the price of Android Wear is generally less than half of Apple Watch. If you buy a watch just to see the time and show off, then engage in an Android watch play, is also possible.