CopyCat behind the virus network criminals are Chinese

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A new variant of the malware "CopyCat" has led to more than 14 million Android devices worldwide infected with ROOT phones and hijacking applications, which have been reworked, the network security firm Check Point researchers said on Thursday. Millions of dollars of fraudulent advertising revenue. Researchers say most of the victims are from Asia, but more than 280,000 Android devices in the United States are infected with this malware.

Google has been tracking CopyCat for the past two years and has updated its Play Protect to block this malware, but there are still millions of victims who are affected by downloading third-party applications and being caught by phishing attacks The damage. Check Point said there is no evidence that CopyCat is in the Google Google Play Store store spread. ,

CopyCat behind the virus network criminals are Chinese

Check Point estimates that nearly 4.9 million false applications have been installed on infected devices, showing up to 100 million ads, helping hackers earn more than $ 1.5 million in just two months.

This malware can also detect whether the affected equipment is from China, and the Chinese victim has not been attacked by the network. Check Point researchers believe that this is because the virus behind the Internet criminals are Chinese, so trying to avoid the Chinese police investigation.

Most of the victims were from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar, and more than 381,000 units in Canada were affected.