Different games for the running platform of the hardware requirements are different requirements, and the reason for the game will have different hardware requirements are mainly game screen quality and detail of the details of the impact. With all kinds of games from 2D to 3D after the transformation, the game in the screen fine and the quality of the screen has a very large upgrade, so that the game can be given to the player’s visual effect of the screen changes.


And the game is made mainly by the game engine to achieve, whether it is the composition of the game scene characters, all kinds of screen special effects, and even the scene of the game system conversion is through the game engine production, can be said that the a successful game engine can not only make the game development work, but also bring richer game screen and details performance, improve the quality of the game.

The type of game engine used in the field of game development can be said to be quite rich, and a lot of the game engine has brought us a lot of classic well-known game works, and more importantly, each excellent game engine itself is not an isolated existence, or can be linked with other game engine, or as a classic game series of the iconic game-making engine. And Cryengine is the most classic as the latter representative, as produced by the world as “video card Crisis” “Crysis” series, to the later “Mysterious Island” series, even after a number of game iterations change, today, this series is still the industry’s most famous hardware killer. So Cryengine give the impression that the player can be said to be excellent screen effects and strong hardware requirements.


At the same time Cryengine series is also a synthesis of the game engine, Cry3 engine is the first–set 360, PS3, multiplayer online games, DX9, DX10 in one of the next Generation game development solutions, using elastic computing and image processing. And unlike other engines, Cry3 does not require a third-party plugin, which can support physics, sound and animation, and create the industry’s top-level images.

And as Cryengine announces compatible Vulkan for this cross-platform 2D and 3D drawing application interface, the main function of the Vulkan interface is to reduce the API overhead of the CPU in delivering critical features, performance, and image quality, and also to use the hardware features of the video card that are typically not available through OpenGL. That is to say that the video card in the game when running in the OpenGL interface does not have performance, let the game maker make better use of this residual performance to enhance the game in the picture quality and special effects performance, more important is also Vulkan’s biggest characteristic also has is can greatly enhance the game the overall frame rate level, the game smooth effect is more guaranteed.

Since Cryengine compatible Vulkan can be said to make the game engine in effect and application performance conversion has been considerably improved. It can be inferred that the future use of Cryengine game engine production will be more effective and performance than the previous requirements will be higher, so the performance requirements of the player and the graphics card will also change, and now Pascal Architecture’s 10 series graphics card to the original game graphics performance has a large-span upgrade, so that more players can experience the performance of High-performance graphics in the game.


Especially in the Non-public version of the graphics card can be said will be the future of the game players in the purchase of graphics products, especially the main guide, such as the video Hof GTX1070 graphics such as high-frequency video graphics, its own very good performance, after all, as high-end performance positioning is also compared to the previous generation with higher positioning performance, more importantly, its non-public version of the specifications to allow the graphics card itself to get further excavation, for the “video card Crisis” The Cryengine engine made by the name of the game will be the best choice.

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