Do not only concerned about the iPhone 8, Apple also has new products such as iMac Pro sale

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According to the technology blog 9to5mac Beijing time on August 9 reported that although Apple has not spent a quiet first half, but the second half or the last three months of attention will be higher. With a variety of flagship new products coming soon, fruit powder will usher in an exciting second half. So far this year, Apple has launched several new hardware products. Apple released earlier this year, Red Special Edition iPhone 7 together with the launch of the new cheap version of iPad


Since then, Apple has updated the iMac product line and launched the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

However, for fruit powder, good play has just begun, because Apple this year there are many products released. First is the new generation of iPhone. Apple is ready to release iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September. Among them, iPhone 7s series mobile phone design and the current iPhone 7 series models are expected, but will have new features, may use the back of the glass design. The news on these two models did not iPhone 8 so much, but they are expected to become cheaper iPhone models.

External attention on the iPhone 8, the phone is expected to use OLED screen, using a new ultra-narrow frame design, support for wireless charging and other functions. IPhone 8 will become Apple's high-end models, the price will be more than 1,000 US dollars. Although the initial listing may be limited, but the iPhone 8 is expected to be available in September.

Apple Watch / HomePod / iMac Pro

In addition, Apple is likely to release the new Apple Watch Series 3. So far, Apple's new watch information is not much, but in recent days the report provides some clues. Bloomberg said it will support LTE wireless connectivity, which means it can run more independently of the iPhone.

Another report said Apple's new Apple Watch this year will use the "new design." It is not clear what this means, but it will be Apple Watch since the release of the first major design adjustment.

Do not only concerned about the iPhone 8, Apple also has new products such as iMac Pro sale

Apple will also be at the end of the sale of smart speakers HomePod. Apple released HomePod at the Global Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, but it will not be sold until December. HomePod based on voice assistant Siri, with a small screen at the top, integrated Apple Music music service, priced at $ 349.

HomePod firmware code also seems to confirm the existence of the 4K version of Apple TV. Compared with the competitor's set-top box, 4K is Apple's product line in a clear gap, so Apple is expected in this year's TV set-top box to support higher resolution.

The last is iMac Pro. Apple has previewed this desktop on the WWDC this summer, known as "the most powerful Mac ever," and for the first time demonstrated iMac's space gray color.

IMac Pro is equipped with four Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, supports up to two 5K monitors, equipped with 1080P FaceTime camera, support real-time 3D rendering. Other configurations include a 5K display, 8-core Xeon processor, Radeon Vega graphics card, 32GB ECC memory, support 10GB Ethernet.

IMac Pro will be available in December, starting at $ 4,999, but early estimates show that a full-featured iMac Pro may cost as much as $ 17,000.

Although Apple's second half of the general led by the new iPhone, but this year is somewhat different. Although the iPhone's attention is still the highest, but this year there HomePod, Apple Watch and iMac Pro, not to mention iOS 11, watchOS 4, tvOS 11 and macOS High Sierra and other new systems.