For many people, write English when the biggest difficulty may be spelling, even native speakers of English as americans are met, Google announced on June 1, americans are the most common query “how do you spell” English words, the result is quite interesting, some surprisingly simple word unexpectedly become the champions of some states, such as Banana, Angel, people and other words.

Google released a “America’s most often misspelled words” map, which you can see, some very commonly used to longer words, however, also let many people in America have a headache, tomorrow, the college has, for instance, the Beautiful is the word in five states, winner of the show but don’t know how to praise others mind spelling of this word, let americans.

U.S. President Donald trump coined the new word “covfefe,” and then to guess what the covfefe meant. (twitter realDonaldTrump)
In addition to the misspelling of covfefe, Google has released the most misspelled English word in the United States

The most interesting thing is, for the inhabitants of the state of Wisconsin, one of the hardest was spelled out his hometown name “Wisconsin”, there are many other words about illness, such as diarrhea, diseases, as well as the patient, may be people want to search for information related to health but don’t know how to spell words.
In addition, there are two states of people are looking for a very long word “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, in fact this is the name of the movie “Mary Poppins” an interlude in, was later children as an exclamation of happy. “I’m Wisconsin,” the netizen commented. “I’m so embarrassed!” “, “Banana? Seriously?” More people say that the most confusing word in the United States today is the “Covfefe” that President trump has misused on twitter, and no one knows what that means.

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