The United States on July 4 only to celebrate the National Day, but in Pennsylvania there is a woman Emily Lance dissatisfaction with the Trump government, even the US flag on the toilet peepee wet, and after the video will be uploaded to personal Facebook , The results caused many users have rage, there are people reward 3 thousand dollars to kill her, the flag of the United States on the video has also been friends crazy discussion.

Emily Lance, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 4, uploads a video that Emily Lance put the American flag on the toilet peepee insulting, although the insult did not violate US law, but there are still many users furious Openly denounced, and some reward a thousand dollars to her head, scolded her out of the United States.

Emily Lance uploads the peepee video to Facebook on the American flag

▲ a woman in the United States on the US flag peepee, the results caused by friends rage furious. The flag on the peepee lead anger American woman was rewarded head (Figure / flip from Emily LanceFacebook)


In the United States on the flag of the video after the controversy has been Emily Lance removed, but has been friends to the Yundobe crazy to forward, but also kept the influx of Emily Lance Facebook message scolding. Emily Lance has just started to write back to choke said: “freedom of speech is that I have the right to say I want to say, as long as I did not hurt anyone.” The results were friends to find my own meat, so the attitude of softening apology, Do not support her practice, please friends do not anger, and later also Facebook closed.

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