European countries are angry that US President Donald trump has returned home happily

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US President Donald trump has wrapped up a nine-day diplomatic tour including Europe, saying "this is a huge success for the United States." But the europeans are holding their own. The us and European relations will go to a historic turning point, the analysis said.
What's going to change in Germany? Trump's return to Angela merkel: you earn less
The American press reports that the virtue relationship may indeed have reached a historic turning point. After German chancellor Angela merkel said Europe could no longer rely on the United States, trump's "first gun" on social media was "riposte" to merkel.
Trump 30 on twitter post your first wrote: "we have huge trade deficit with China and Germany, and they both NATO and military spending much less. This is very adverse to the United States, it will change."
It is not just Mr Trump's recent criticism of virtue trade. It was Mr Trump's first public response since Mrs Merkel's recent comments on the virtues of the western media.
The G7 summit at the end of the next day, Mrs Merkel said that Germany and Europe can no longer rely on Britain and the United States, under the leadership of the trump "europeans have to destiny in our own hands." Wall Street stories commented that this statement is a watershed, merkel seem to state the obvious, but most likely the collapse in the traditional sense of the western alliance.
The German foreign minister sigmar gabriel says the us has a much longer history of Mr Trump and that relations between the two countries will improve again. Relations between the two countries are at a difficult time. It is not appropriate to communicate with the United States in a beer tent or via Twitter.
Mr Gabriel also accused Mr Trump of "weakening" the west, which is working against the eu's interests. "Any by weakening the environmental protection to exacerbate climate change, to sell more weapons on conflict and don't want to be politically resolve regional conflicts would threaten the peace in Europe."
The United States is no longer a reliable ally.

European countries are angry that US President Donald trump has returned home happily
Europeans seem to be in a bad mood after sending Mr Trump away.
Us media have reported that Mr Trump has made European countries more angry about the "arrogance", "neglect" and "rudeness" of Europe. Trump first accused NATO "outdated" during the NATO summit, and refused to promise to paragraph 5 of NATO's charter, which is seen as a military ally was attacked on all attacks, must make a collective defence. That would give the us a commitment to give up its protection of the European Union. At the subsequent g7 summit, Mr Trump again resolutely rejected "the Paris agreement on curbing carbon emissions".
"Solidarity is a commodity for trump, and money will be paid," us media reported. "Says a German television editor. The former us ambassador to NATO told the New York times that the era of "us-led and European followed" seemed to have come to an end. Ms van hulten, a researcher at the London school of economics, argues that ms merkel's remarks "mark the disintegration of the post-world war ii consensus".
"America is no longer a reliable ally!" German newspaper bild reported Monday, 28, a campaign was held in Munich, Germany, have just finished a G7 summit in Sicily, Italy, ms merkel said: "in recent days experiences make me feel, to some extent, we are totally dependent on each other's time has come to an end...... I can only say: we europeans really want the destiny in our own hands."
The franco-german engine restarts Ms. Merkel: she can help France
At the NATO summit, Mr Macron represented Europe's stance against Mr Trump.
The paper points out that Mrs Merkel's remarks are clearly aimed at the us and the UK, which is about to leave the European Union. But she also said the relationship with the United States and Britain would still need to be maintained. She also stressed that a good bilateral relationship with France under Mr Makron would be Germany's priority.
Ms merkel, expressing her dissatisfaction with Mr Trump, turned to the new French President, Emmanuel macron. She said the "franco-german engine" was to be reignited to power the whole of Europe. If France needs help, Germany is ready to help. "Because only Europe is good, Germany is good," she said.
He took office on May 14, the next day, and headed for the German capital, Berlin. The French news agency said it was "customary" for the French President to choose a german-led visit because both Germany and France are important pillars of the eu.
French media have also been quick to focus on the German side. France's 24-hour news channel said Mrs Merkel had come up with the idea of a European Union to control its own destiny. Le figaro newspaper praised the President for his stance against trump at the NATO summit. According to the report, Mr Macron represents openness, progress and freedom, while Mr Trump represents conservatism and protectionism. French BFM news commentary said, continue to insist to let europeans trump, he wants to understand this: the United States is not in the world can do everything, he must have seen the firm position of France's new President, tried his efforts to shake hands, so he should think twice.


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