Every Steemit novice should be aware of a few questions and skills

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Did not expect, in my introduction, many people joined the Steemit writing. I know not because I am handsome, nor how much of my influence, but Steemit's point of praise to attract friends. I am afraid you are obsessed, so give you newcomers Steemit a few suggestions for reference.

10 million to remember the password for the Steem account, it is everything for Steemit, and it can not be restored. This string of long irregular code stored in the computer file, the best saved in several places, so that your computer problems.

2 five minutes to learn Markdown grammar, Steemit support Markdown syntax, than HTML syntax is simple. Know it, will make your text layout and beautiful and simple. Good words like a dish of food, need a nice plate in full bloom, and not between the paragraphs and dense, read up very depressed - moderate amount of multi-segment.

3 can be free to write, lightweight writing, Follow attention to some well written author, writing level will slowly increase. But it is best to say that my principles are useful or interesting. Duanzi funny no nutrition. Meaningless text wastes the time and effort of writers and readers. The creation of the world did not exist in the text works. Steemit readers and other places, like the need for high quality, unique and fresh content. Your story is the only one.

Every Steemit novice should be aware of a few questions and skills

4 insist on writing. Doing anything requires a certain spirit of persistence, not the first thing that is passionate. You earnestly write a few days and found no one to praise, so give up, and then there is no then. Stick to it, someone will notice that you will earn a lot of hard work for you. The Internet is flat, you and others out of the opportunity of the color difference. In the end is the first to insist on writing, and then some praise, or the first point of praise, only to insist on writing? This is a chicken and egg problem. In fact, the two are complementary things. If there is no praise, insist on writing it.

5 Do not expect too much value. Every article has three-digit dollar income? This is not realistic. Expectation is too high will lead to too much pressure, passion is too easy to lose, and thus lose interest. But calm the mind, create good content, the output of ideas, the other after another. Moreover, there is an insistence on writing interest, will make your life more fulfilling. I wrote more than 10 years on the Internet, deeply appreciate this point. Everything is of interest, too boring.

6 when others are desperately crying: "Come to my article praise!" You should do is to write good things. Good content, the reader will naturally look, naturally may be like praise. Everyone's time and energy are limited, why do you read those garbage-free content? But also a waste of limited resources. Good works are also in line with the interests of whales, naturally will point to praise. Whales of the pattern, in fact, higher than our small fish who do not know where to go, for example, in order to better praise the author, a large capital injection of millions of money to join Steem Power.

7 and the first one, remember your Steemit password, remember your Steemit password, remember your Steemit password. Otherwise, your point of praise more income, but also can not achieve you to Steemit writing a great dream of making money.

I wish you all the pleasure of writing on Steemit, including but not limited to money.