“Extramarital affairs” website Ashley Madison was attacked, compensating users tens of millions of dollars in settlement

Ashley Madison is a social networking site dedicated to making friends and dating services for married people, and 2 years ago, the site leaked a lot of users ‘ information and now it’s still cleaning up the mess. The parent company of the website did not admit that it had made a mistake, but it agreed to settle the preliminary class action case, and the group initiating the lawsuit represented 37 million of the users who leaked information. Parent company Ruby Corp. is preparing to pay a $11.2 million settlement, and the amount has to be Saint Louis (St. Louis) approved by the federal judge.

Ashley Madison

The cost of data leaks accounted for more than One-fourth of Ruby Corp’s revenue, according to Reuters. If you want to win a new user, Ruby Corp. will spend a lot of money on security and privacy protection, and now it must reconcile the lawsuits that have been triggered by data leaks. In addition to paying 11.2 million settlements to affected users, the company has settled another lawsuit with $1.6 million, and last year the FTC sued Ruby Corp. in 13 states.


The maximum number of users affected can be $3500, depending on how much the user has lost.

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