Facebook, Snap tens of millions of dollars bid for the 2018 Russian World Cup broadcast rights

July 7, according to media reports, held in Russia next year’s World Cup is still a year away, but Facebook, Twitter and Snap have begun to exclusive copyright holders Fox Sports to buy video copyright. In view of the global audience of the event and the increasing number of visitors in the United States, social media giants are eager to shape themselves as the destination of the game highlights.


It is reported that the three companies are prepared to pay tens of millions of dollars to bid for the 2018 World Cup broadcast rights.
It is unclear whether the $ 400 million Fox will license video to a company for the 2018 World Cup broadcast rights, or allow multiple companies to share exclusive videos.

The sporting event is still a member of the cable industry, and the wider television industry is the last defensive tool for the rise of on demand streaming media services.
It is clear that Fox can get the huge revenue of technology and digital media companies by providing the same consumer rights as the World Cup.

2018 Russian World Cup

Facebook and Twitter After years of effort, they turn their services into user-generated and professionally produced video destinations.

Twitter has boldly planned to turn its platform into a 24-hour live video service, which has reached an agreement with the NFL and other broadcasters to enter the sector.

On the other hand, Facebook is also increasing investment, its platform into all the different types of video, from VR content to 360-degree video, and then to news agencies and celebrities live.

Now, Facebook wants to compete with Amazon, Hulu and Netflix in the original video field.

Snap has long been trying to creator the original video in the “Discover” tag, and it has successfully won the highlights of the Olympic Games last year, making the World Cup a logical next step.

In the past, especially during the 2014 World Cup, users will re-upload video from sports channels and radio programs, which conflicts with copyright and trademark laws.

Now, it is clear that these companies want to stay ahead on this issue, so that users can easily and legally access this video.

By doing this, Facebook, Twitter and Snap also ensure that their applications are used as the best and easiest way to consume news, entertainment, sports, and reviews from your friends and strangers.

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