FBI has not yet found missing UCIC Chinese students Yingying Zhang, even the body did not find

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As of the local time at 14:00 on June 14, from the UCIC Chinese students Yingying Zhang lost nearly 120 hours.

Although Yingying Zhang has not yet found, but the good news is that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been involved in the investigation. University of Illinois police said part of the clue has been progress, I hope we boycott false news, subject to official information.

Yesterday, a reporter interviewed Yingying Zhang boyfriend Hou Xiao Lin. He said the work of the local police in the United States has advanced to a somewhat satisfactory level. He was going to marry with Yingying Zhang in the past two years.

Reporter: how do you know the beginning of Yingying Zhang missing news? The first reaction is?

Hou Xiao Lin: is through the side of the alarm, and then passed through the channels of friends, linked to my side. (Get the message time is) 5 to 6 pm local time. The first reaction is of course to find a way, when people can not find the first reaction is certainly how to find it Well.

Reporter: how to look at the domestic online speculation?

Hou Xiao Lin: We initially through the original intention of the domestic media, is the hope that the domestic media can fry this event, to promote the US police to take more police, more troops to send more, to speed up the search for the speed of clues. Before doing this work, but in fact until now, in our view the United States local police to do things, have been advanced to a degree of our satisfaction.

Reporter: domestic Yingying Zhang encountered false police speculation is rumors?

Hou Xiao Lin: This is the inference, 18 hours ago we have done such an inference. But now it has been rejected because our information is updated in real time.

Reporter: missing the day before the video process, Yingying Zhang said his house around a few Asian people wandering some fear?

Hou Xiao Lin: This thing is actually there, but I do not want you to mention this thing, because this clue has been denied.

Reporter: and Yingying Zhang how to know?

Hou Xiao Lin: We are college students.

Reporter: the original had to wait for her after the end of the exchange of marriage plan?

Hou Xiao Lin: Yes yes yes, should not wait for her to come back, it should be within two years, yes, is married.

Reporter: Yingying Zhang family when to the United States?

Hou Xiao Lin: immediately will go, the specific bad that we are the fastest speed to go.

FBI has not yet found missing UCIC Chinese students Yingying Zhang, even the body did not find

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FBI involved in the investigation

The United States Eastern time on June 14 morning, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champion Association (UIUCCSSA) official WeChat public release Peking University graduate students lost the latest progress, its report shows: At present, FBI has decided to take over the case, the case has been Is included in the top priority of the local police station. Police are trying to troubleshoot suspicious vehicles in the Champagne area. The video appears in the fuzzy license plate picture has been special treatment by the FBI, to get a clear license plate number, narrow the scope of the search.


Reporters noted that the "finding yingying" 500 WeChat search within the crowd, the UIUC tutor Professor in the United States Eastern time on June 14 news that the FBI has taken over the case. According to detective, Champagne Saturn Astra (Saturn Astra) car is not much, has begun to gradually investigation.


The University of Illinois police has issued a report and is currently working with a number of law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the case and collaborate with Lyft, Uber, and some mobile companies to check vehicle records. Illinois University police station on Yingying Zhang relatives said: "part of the clues have progress, but because of fear of criminals and other reasons, clues do not want to be open, I hope we boycott false information, subject to official information."

June 15 at 2 o'clock in the morning, to intervene in the investigation of female students, the reporter called FBI. The staff member said, "Because the regulations, can not release any information."


According to internal reports, FBI has taken over the case of Yingying Zhang lost joint investigation, Yingying Zhang by the dark Saturn car in the city only a dozen vehicles, troubleshooting is not difficult, and now, according to the reporter, FBI has been the vehicle license plate information, but not announced.

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Global volunteers spontaneously open the White House petition

UIUCCSSA official micro-signal report shows that the relevant organizations of champagne and Yingying Zhang's teachers and students formed a core working group to help the police as soon as possible to solve the case.

Peking University UIUC Alumni Association Song Xiangyu told reporters, in addition to the social platform to expand the search notice, tracking the latest news, the local Chinese group of champagne more than 100 volunteers will be the Urbana - Champagne region is divided into 24 areas for carpet Search, to help the police found dark Saturn sedan or mobile phones, clothing and other suspicious evidence.

In addition, the public places and outdoor places in the Champagne area are also posted with the latest pick-up announcements at the fastest speed.

At the same time, UIUC alumni in the White House petition online initiative to launch a search for Yingying Zhang vote, said 100,000 can cause the White House attention, the petition site in the chapter of Ying Yingying alumni friends get a lot of forwarding, as of the United States Eastern Time 14 at 15:30 , The number of voters has more than 30,000.

FBI has not yet found missing UCIC Chinese students Yingying Zhang, even the body did not find

▲ "White House petition network" screenshot. Image from the web

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Family members are facing face sign procedures, the local Chinese launched fund-raising


The United States Eastern time on June 14 evening, the reporter contacted Yingying Zhang's cousin Li Xiaoyan, she said, Ying Ying aunt and other relatives in the afternoon of 10 will be informed of Yingying Zhang lost the news, but 12 dare to tell her parents. At present, Ying Ying father and her brother ready to travel to the United States, but the visa procedures encountered some problems, but also in consultation with the embassy, ​​has not yet determined the departure time.


UIUCCSSA Chairman Ping Yifan told reporters that the local Chinese Association, CSSA and Yingying Zhang instructor Professor is working together to prepare a non profit account, tripartite co-regulation. This account will be used to finance a series of expenses incurred by Yingying Zhang's family to the United States. Specific information will be prepared after the relevant work in the UIUCCSSA official WeChat public announcement.