China’s visit to the United States female scholar Yingying Zhang missing in the United States for several days, the United States FBI had previously announced that it has taken over the investigation. FBI website latest information display, FBI has been included in the “kidnapping case.”


Local time on the morning of June 9, Yingying Zhang from the school laboratory to the contract apartment. And then did not go. FBI said in the page, Yingying Zhang missing before with a “white male” contact, suspected vehicle for a US General Depot “Saturn Astra” black car (Saturn Astra).


FBI calls, if anyone has any information about the case, contact the FBI or local FBI Division and embassy or consulate.

Local time on the evening of 11 and 12 am, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign police announced two Yingying Zhang before the disappearance of surveillance video.


11 announced the local bus station and the bus on the surveillance video, shows Yingying Zhang at 9:00 local time on the 9th or so, from the Orchard Downs (Orchard Downs) in front of the station, catch a bus, then At 1:52 am get off at the intersection of Springfield Street and Matthew Avenue.


12 days of the video shows that Yingying Zhang in the local time around 2 pm on the 9th, by the east side of the road, there is a US General Depot “Saturn Astra” black car (Saturn Astra), close to Yingying Zhang stop Down, then the car driving and Yingying Zhang said for a while, then Yingying Zhang into the vehicle, the car immediately went to the north.


According to the video screen display, Yingying Zhang wearing a dark gray printed with white words baseball cap, keep the shoulder length of hair, and wearing glasses. She is dressed in white light pink and white flannel long-sleeved shirt, as well as jeans and white sneakers. At the same time, she was wearing a navy blue backpack.

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