FBI: Yingying Zhang missing case listed as the highest priority in the United States

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UCIC Chinese student Yingying Zhang has been in the United States on the 16th day of disappearance, the investigation of the case of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents Holloway said that the current FBI Yingying Zhang has been the case of the highest priority case And Yingying Zhang's father also provided the police with seven photos of the chapter, hoping to spread as much as possible to help the police early to find Yingying Zhang.


June 25, 2017, the location of the incident at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Police, on the page looking for Yingying Zhang, published by Yingying Zhang father's previously released seven photos, and said that as much as possible to spread the spread of these photos , With a view to finding Yingying Zhang as soon as possible.

If you know the whereabouts of Yingying Zhang, please call 911 or reflect it to the police anonymously. If the clue leads to the arrest of the suspect, you will receive a $ 4000 reward from the Crime Terminator or a $ 10,000 reward provided by the FBI. "Said the person in charge of the police.

In the local time on June 22, the Chinese students Yingying Zhang in the United States after 13 days of missing, the school and the police have opened a conference, the University of Illinois police, the FBI representatives, "criminal terminator" organization, psychological counseling Center, International Student and Scholar Service, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association and other groups jointly organized a public forum at the University of Illinois campus to discuss how the community can better support and participate in the search for Yingying Zhang. Ying 's father expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of the police investigation and propagated to the suspect through the media: "My daughter, my father is here for you.FBI: Yingying Zhang missing case listed as the highest priority in the United States

At this press conference, the police told the students and the public that Yingying Zhang's disappearance case had given the community anxious and understood the pain of Yingying Zhang's family, and that the police could not reveal more details at present. "But we are searching for progress, seeking progress, we will not give up until you find her." Police official said.

Yingying Zhang's father in an interview to the suspect propaganda "also my daughter", and hope her daughter can "strong up, my father here waiting for you."

FBI: Yingying Zhang missing case listed as the highest priority in the United States

According to the announcement by the police, Holloway, the FBI agent, said the FBI had listed the Yingyou Zhang, a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois, who was missing the United States as a "top priority" case.

Holloway said at the meeting that the latest developments in the case were regularly sent to the FBI's Acting Director and 56 US field offices. He said that the case has not only FBI in the spring field office in the investigation, but to mobilize the FBI's all resources.

At the University of Illinois police website, investigators again said that although they wanted to disclose more information about the case, they could not comment on the details of the investigation to protect the investigation process of the case and find Yingying Zhang as soon as possible.

In Yingying Zhang students opened for the "find Yingying" social account posted a song called "Finding you", while the message said: "This beautiful lyrics, give each one is waiting for Yingying Zhang People, we will never give up looking for her.

The end of the lyrics wrote: "Where are you dying / I have come from a foreign land ... but with my life."


Local time on June 24, the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, Hong Lei, attended the Chicago Fujian Association for Yingying Zhang held safe home candlelight vigil, Yingying Zhang's father, aunt also participated in the event.FBI: Yingying Zhang missing case listed as the highest priority in the United States

Hong Lei said: "We have been worried about the safety of Yingying Zhang, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai is also very concerned about the case, specifically invited my museum to convey his greetings to Yingying Zhang family members, hope they are strong, take care of the body. UIUC school and police station, FBI office in the spring field for the efforts to detect the case expressed gratitude, thanks to all Chinese students, overseas Chinese, volunteers embodied in the love, to provide all the help and hope that the police can take further action, We have made new progress in the investigation and found Yingying Zhang students as soon as possible.

Hong Ying said that this time Yingying Zhang family members are suffering, we feel the same, sincerely hope that the case investigation as soon as possible to achieve a breakthrough, Yingying Zhang students can return to their families safe, but also hope that the parties continue to provide important clues to help detect the case.

Yingying Zhang, Ambassador to Cui Tiankai, Consulate General in Chicago, UIUC School and Police and Yingying Zhang Students from all walks of life expressed their heartfelt thanks for the early detection of the case and early seeing Yingying Zhang.