In the U.S. App Store, some people have discovered Files for apple’s iOS file manager Files.

Although there is currently no area in the United States have the App Store to find the App, but according to net friend earlier screenshot, the apple App icon with similar to the file manager application. In addition, apple didn’t provide more information.

Blockbuster! Files of apple’s iOS file manager Files have been unveiled in the App Store

Files in the App Store page capture

Given the iOS 11 June 6 in the morning in Beijing time, so there is reason to believe that this is with 11 system released with apple iOS system level file manager, this was the first time apple has introduced in iOS system level application file manager.

The @ the bathroom contemplation of pill tail classmates think: considering the sandbox mechanism, this software should only be at most can access the “Documents” folder of each App, to facilitate the different App for the use of the same file, to avoid repeating footprint file; But iOS’s current APFS file system, which can be avoided at the bottom, can only be understood as a “file manager”.

Files of apple's iOS file

Before that, apple had already implemented the connectivity between different devices in the iCloud Drive application across apple devices. Your file on your Mac device, which you can view on your iPhone or iPad device’s iCloud Drive app. Of course, the premise of all this is iCloud.

Blockbuster! Files of apple’s iOS file manager Files have been unveiled in the App Store

Up to Drive

Apple’s file manager, the Files explorer, can be understood as a bold attempt to manage its iOS local file management system. It also helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of the iPad Pro.

There are also rumors that apple will be adding new skills such as drag and drop in iOS 11.

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