Former Democrat congressman Stacey Plaskett and husband iphone nude photos leaked

Stacey Plaskett, a member of the House of Representatives in the United States, took revenge from her private iphone for topless and spread photos via e-mail and Facebook, with more than 3 million “onlookers”. Currently, two suspects were charged with cyber-harassment and obstruction of justice.


March 2016 Stacey Plaskett asked assistant Juan McCullum to help her get her cell phone repaired, according to AOL, a U.S. media report, and told him the code, Juan McCullum to get Stacey Plaskett and her husband’s nude photos and films, and after leaving in July, wrote an e-mail to send Stacey Plaskett nude photos and videos to at least 11 politicians, media and Stacey Plaskett’s friend.

Juan McCullum also has a new Facebook account with Stacey Plaskett friends, including her political opponents, who have uploaded more than 3 million viewers. The grand jury of the court charged him with two cyber-harassment charges on July 11.

Stacey Plaskett

Another suspect, a 45-year-old female aide, Dorene Browne-louis, who did not upload nude photos, was accused of obstructing justice by deliberately deleting the relevant information and perjury in court after Juan McCullum’s vilification of the congressman’s plan.


At present, the congressional police have initially arrested two people, and further trial by the Washington Columbia, Dist. Of Court. The prosecutor indicated that the offence of cyber-harassment was punishable by a maximum of 5 years ‘ imprisonment, and that obstruction of justice could be punishable by 20 years of imprisonment.

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